Would a Samoan casino attract gamblers from New Zealand?

Originally Posted on Tuesday May 24 16:03:00 BST 2011

The Samoan Prime Minister has proposed a Vegas style casino be built near one of their main tourist resorts.

There is concern that this would attract the wrong sort of people, bringing with it prostitution, racketeering and even an increase in people with gambling problems.  After all, Samoans are already pretty keen on lotteries and bingo.

However, the Prime Minister has countered any protests by announcing that only visitors with foreign passports would be allowed to go to the casino for gambling purposes.

Apparently it will be fine for Samoans to enter the casino to work, thus creating a rather bizarre situation.  Will the Prime Minister, who reportedly likes to play poker, be allowed to enter for playing purposes?

Why should this make any difference to people in New Zealand?  Well, most people will have heard that there is a proposal that Samoa should move the international dateline to the east so that the island nation would be on the same timeline as New Zealand and Australia.

This might encourage more tourists from New Zealand, offering them the opportunity to visit the new mega casino!

With many people in New Zealand already enjoying the freedom to use the many international online casinos for internet gambling, and also visit their own land-based casinos, it is unlikely the move by Samoa will make much difference.

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