Sky City Convention Centre Makes ‘Mockery’ of the Law

Researchers at the University of Auckland state that the deal John Key has coined with Sky City for the construction of the city’s new convention centre makes a mockery of New Zealand’s laws. The country’s Gambling Act aimed to protect residents from the harmful effects of gambling, but Dr Peter Adams and Dr Fiona Rossen state that the convention centre deal is a sign that the law has failed.

The New Zealand Gambling Act was established years ago to minimize the harmful effects of gambling. It was a step in the right direction towards ensuring that the health and social impacts of gambling were considered by politicians. However, exchanging the construction of the new convention for the addition to 500 new poker machines seems to be a huge step backwards for the country.

“John Key’s gone ahead with the casino deal without embracing any of that,” says Dr. Adams. “This occurred without reference to the public health purposes of the Gambling Act, thereby making a mockery of the years of effort put into its public health provisions.”

The new report brings to reveals that the convention centre deal is not supported by most residents. However, John Key is determined to follow through with negotiations, angering the general public even further.

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