New Bill Wants Casinos to Pay Back Stolen Funds

Harm Reduction is a new strategy the New Zealand politicians are working on in order to curb problem gambling rates across the country. In the wake of the Harm Reduction Bill’s proposal, a number of other politicians have stepped forward, suggesting their own ways to improve the local gambling market.

Green Party member Metiria Turei has recently proposed the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act 2009 (Application to Casinos) Amendment Bill. This bill aims to prevent casinos from benefitting from crimes – namely theft used to fund addicts’ gambling habits.

“When problem gamblers are driven to crime everyone suffers except the casino, which pockets the profits,” Turei says.

As is the case with most other addictions, those suffering will often do whatever it takes to feed their habit. Sometimes, this includes stealing from friends, family and their employers. After their money is spent on their habit, the only one that benefits is the provider. In this case, it is the casino. Loved ones and co-workers are left without money while the addict is likely to end up in jail for their crimes.

Turei’s bill aims to put some of the onus on the casino operator. So, if a casino can detect that a crime has occurred in order to allow a patron to gamble, they must intervene. If they are discovered to have been able to detect a crime, the operator will be forced to return the funds to their rightful owners. The goal is to prevent casino operators from benefitting from crime, and this new bill may be successful in doing so.

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