Auckland Casino Hit by Student Prank

Originally Posted on Tuesday Dec 1 8:23:00 GMT 2009

The Sky City Casino in Auckland was the target of a student plank last month. Students dumped counterfeit cash worth NZ$5.5million on the doorstep of the casino in an attempt to highlight the problems of gambling addiction in New Zealand. The figure was thought to be the average amount lost by kiwis every day.

The students had been working with the Problem Gambling foundation and chose to dump the fake cash on the casino to highlight the issue of problem gambling and showing those that cannot afford to lose money that are still losing too much. It was dumped on Gamble Free day and did have a result as the responsible gambling manager of the Sky City Casino agreed to meet the group to discuss actions going forward.

Gambling online in New Zealand (especially at online casinos) has been a massive rising star in New Zealand over the past few years and as it looks to continue to rise the Problem Gambling foundation will look to keep an eye on it.

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