Online gambling grows in NZ

Originally Posted on Monday Nov 16 0:00:00 GMT 2009

Online gambling has grown in the recession, helped along by smoking bans in casinos across the world.

Everyone seems to be offering bigger and better incentives to gamble online and it all seems so tempting, but everyone should be aware of gambling addictions.

Gambling online should be a safe and fun experience, but there is no getting away from the fact that gambling online can become a problem.  Statistics show that the problem is high in Hong Kong and the USA, with Britain following quite closely.  Whereas this is not such a problem in New Zealand.

There are many things to remember when gambling online, wherever that may be, the UK, USA, Australia or New Zealand.

1. Gambling a little is fine.

2. It should never be an investment.

3. It should be fun.

4. Always stick to a limit of time and money.

5. Never try to win back losses.

6. Make sure this is not your only interest.

7. Never gamble because you’re bored.

Wherever you are, online gambling is on the increase, so enjoy it and quit whilst you are ahead.

Many people in many countries are enjoying the freedom online gambling gives them.  So, New Zealanders, give it a try, but make sure it is a fun experience.

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