NZ Problem Gambling Foundation to Host Conference

In February, the New Zealand Problem Gambling Foundation will host its fourth annual International Gambling Conference. The event is expected to draw in hundreds of organizations from around the world, helping them work together to fight gambling addiction on a vast scale.

The event will take place from February22 to February 24, and problem gambling advocates from all over the world are invited to attend. At the conference, the NZ Problem Gambling Foundation encourages attendees to share their ideas for battling rising problem gambling rates on an international scale. Those who attend are invited to share research, proposals and other information regarding problem gambling.

Workshops and lectures will allow groups from around the world to share information about curbing problem gambling rates. The NZ Problem Gambling Foundation states that the topics these events will cover are: treatment options, international collaborations and research projects.

Last year, 220 organizations were represented at the event, and the Problem Gambling Foundation hopes for an even more impressive turnout this year. To get involved, contact Cynthia Orme of the Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand at [email protected]

Double Mobile Jackpot Hit at All Slots Casino

The mobile gambling market is just beginning to take off in terms of popularity, so there haven’t been many jackpot hits thus far. However, things seem to be beginning to change, as one lucky player hit the jackpot twice at All Slots’ Flash and mobile casinos.

On December 3rd, a player named Sharon S hit a $15 000 jackpot while playing Mermaid Millions on All Slots’ mobile platform. Later that same day she won an additional $15 000 jackpot while playing Age of Discovery at All Slots Flash-based casino online. This is an uncanny feat for any player at an online casino, and she is certainly pleased with this strange but pleasant result.

If that wasn’t enough good fortune for Sharon, the operator of All Slots added another great prize. Sharon was sent an Android tablet so that she will be able to play at All Slots wherever she goes!

All Slots is one of the few online casinos that offers players several different platforms: mobile, downloadable and Flash-based. This allows for individuals all over the world to play at All Slots whenever they wish. Regardless of the type of technology they own, all types of players are catered to at All Slots online and mobile casino.

IGT Launches Breakfast at Tiffany’s Slots Game

A fun and exciting new slot machine is available from IGT, based on the classic romance movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The casino developer has decided to take a different route from most other designers who create branded slots games; rather than basing its titles on superheroes and action stars, IGT is taking a more mature approach.

But, that doesn’t mean that the game is lacking in fun winning opportunities. Breakfast At Tiffany’s makes incredible use of the touch screen features available on IGT’s new cabinets. For example, one of the bonus rounds requires players to pet Cat while another asks them to type on Paul’s keyboard. This is a new feature that other slot machine developers have yet to employ, and you can try it first by playing Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

There are two separate base games that players can try: Holly’s and Paul’s. Each game offers players separate prizes, doubling the winning potential with every spin they make.

Bonus features are also plentiful. Cat appears on the screen to turn regular symbols into bonus symbols and there are other offscreen bonuses available as well. For example, players can steal prizes from the Five and Dime and take alcoholic shots for extra credits!

New Lotto Offerings Encourage Increased Spending

The New Zealand Lotteries Commission has seen a huge increase in profits over the course of the past year. In 2011, residents spent $926 million on the local lottery, an 18% increase over 2010’s total.

The lottery commission has taken this as a sign of encouragement and hopes to increase its profits further over the course of 2012. However, the NZ Problem Gambling Foundation does not believe that the commission should take this route. The organization believes that residents should not be encouraged to gamble during a time of economic crisis.

The two entities also disagree on the cause of the massive increase in profits. While the Lotteries Commission believes that its new and improved gaming options have boosted revenue, the Problem Gambling Foundation believes that the recession is behind the phenomenon.

More alarming still, is the fact that these numbers do not include all forms of gambling across New Zealand. Money spent at online casinos and other gaming venues have not been included, meaning that New Zealanders could be spending billions of dollars overall on gambling activities.

New Anniversary Bonuses Available from Spin Palace Online Casino

Spin Palace online casino is one of the most popular destinations for online gambling in New Zealand. And it is no wonder why – the online casino offers players incredible cash bonuses which they can take advantage of at any time. One of the casino’s newest offers awards players for truly being loyal, offering them a 100% match after being registered on the site for one year.

This certainly puts a new twist on the regular loyalty bonuses that you normally see from online casinos. Usually, players are required to play games in order to earn points that are redeemable for cash. This takes a different approach, simply awarding players for their time spent at Spin Palace, rather than how much money they have spent.

On the day of your one year anniversary, all you have to do is make a minimum deposit of $20, and you’ll be credited with a 100% match bonus!

100% match bonuses are quite rare in the online casino world, as most casinos only offer them as welcome bonuses. So you should certainly take advantage of this promotion if you are already a player at Spin Palace. If not, this should be encouragement enough to become one!

Woolworths Expands Gambling Business

Woolworths is one of the biggest supermarket brands in Australia and New Zealand. However, the company’s profits have recently waned, and Woolworths is now looking for additional sources of revenue in order to keep itself afloat.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Woolworths expansion into the gambling market has been more profitable than its original grocery business. The report states that for every dollar spent, the company made a 12% profit on gambling and alcohol products. Groceries only brought in a 4% profit.

Woolworths is already working with a number of hotels across Australia and New Zealand in order to earn gaming revenue, but seeing how profitable the market is, the company is ready to expand. So, Woolworths has announced that it will be acquiring seven new hotels in the Sydney area. The $60 million deal will be made with two of the most prominent families in the area: the de Angelis’ and the Waughs.

It seems that Woolworths is really getting serious about its place in the gambling market. Taking a look at how profitable gaming has been for the company in the past, it seems that this is the right decision for Woolworths, as it will certainly help to keep the company afloat.

Aristocrat Launches New Branded Slots Game

Aristocrat is a leader in New Zealand’s gambling market, providing the majority of poker machines to venues across the country. Only recently has the company ventured into the online gambling market, however, opening it up to a new world of possibilities. As such, the company is catching on to popular trends in the online gaming universe, one of which is basing games on popular movie, video game and comic book brands.

Now, Aristocrat’s latest title is a branded slots game, based on the action movie series Mission: Impossible. Starring Tom Cruise, Mission: Impossible has become a smash hit around the world. The original movie was so popular that three sequels were made, each of which were just as popular as the first film.

The new Mission: Impossible branded slots game from Aristocrat presents players with the chance to win incredible cash prizes while taking part in an exciting online gaming environment. Adding to the excitement of the game’s theme, Mission: Impossible is a Reel Power slot, which provides players with over 300 ways to win on each and every spin!

If that’s not enough to keep players engaged, the game also offers 6 different bonus games – and a $250 000 progressive jackpot prize!

Concerns Arise Over Facebook’s Online Gambling Service

Earlier this month, a rumour was leaked that Facebook would be offering online gambling applications to its users. The news was generally received well by gaming operators and casino fans; however, parents are now catching on to the news and are none-too-pleased with the possibility of Facebook offering online gambling.

The main concern among parents is underage gambling. Parents are worried that individuals under the age of 18 will be able to easily access online casino activities. Facebook applications are made to be incredibly convenient for users, and it is believed that children may has easy access to applications they should not be able to take part in.

Additionally, parents are worried that if children are not able to take part in gambling, they still may be encouraged to do so. Facebook applications allow users to share their information and progress with certain games, and if children only see their friends’ ‘achievements’, they will develop unhealthy and unrealistic ideas about gambling.

While these are all inherent risks of offering gambling via Facebook, the social networking site seems to be taking great precaution. Executives have been meeting with online gaming operators in order to ensure that the potential gambling applications are safe and secure for all Facebook users.

Responsible Gambling Trial Held in Queensland

Gambling Minister Paul Lucas is pleased with the results of a responsible gambling trial that was recently held in gaming clubs acrossNew Zealand. The trial tested several methods, suggested by theUniversityofSydney, aimed at minimizing the potential harm that could be caused by playing casino games.

The Universityof Sydneyrecently published a study which suggested several methods that would help to encourage responsible gambling among residents. Among the measures suggested were clocks for setting time limits, a feature to allow players to bank their winnings and responsible gaming messages.

As part of the trial, these features were installed on machines in gaming clubs across the country. Findings have shown that players responded well to the features, encouraging more research on the topic in the future.

Problem gamblers seemed most bothered by the responsible gambling features. They showed more sensitivity at the messages than recreational gamblers, and claimed that they effected their enjoyment of the games. Recreational players did not seem to be phased.

The time limit feature had no effect on the player experience. Players stuck to their own time limits, without the software telling them when to stop. Most players set their own betting limits, and the majority of them stick to them.

NZ Casino Accused of Targeting Low-Income Groups

The Star Casino in New Zealand has released a report that suggests it may be target low-income groups in order to boost its profits. The 24-page report makes some suspicious observations, grouping gamblers into groups based on social classes and ethnic background.

Some of the key groups that are identified in the report are “bilingual backgrounds” and “new wave”. The report points out that these and other low-income groups do not have the money to spend on gambling but they ‘aspire to live beyond their means’. This observation seems to suggest that the casino operator plans on targeting groups by making impossible promises.

The Star states that report was prepared by a third-party company. As such, the content found in it does not reflect the casino operator and its own marketing strategies. The company maintains that it does not need to target low-income groups to increase its own profits.

A spokesperson for The Star stated that the casino is a ‘high-end’ entertainment venue. The company claims to have no interest in targeting low income groups. There may be some truth to this, as the casino has recently reopened with a lavish new façade. The Star does seem to be targeting high-roller clientele.