Greens Do Not Support Sky City Conference Centre

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Sky City has made a remarkable financial performance of the course of 2011. The company saw profits jumped by 17%, so the Green Party wonders why the company needs to expand its gambling operations.

Over the course of the past year, Sky City has been negotiating with local councillors for the contract to build a new conference centre in Auckland. The casino operator would cover the entire cost of construction – and all it asks for in return is for the government to bend some gambling laws for it.

Sky City wants to be able to exceed the local cap for pokies and gaming tables, and hopes that its deal with the local government will allow it to do so. While it seems like an airtight deal, the Greens have poked some holes in it.

After seeing Sky City’s financial results for the year, the Green Party has publically asked “Why?”. The political party does not see any reason for the government to allow the casino operator to install more poker machines, especially since Sky City is already thriving.

They wonder if the casino really needs that much more revenue. If so, The Greens propose expanding the casino in other ways that do not exceed the pokies cap.

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