Sky City Sees Huge Revenue Jump

Sky City Entertainment, one of the biggest gambling operators in the country, has seen a significant rise in profits over the course of the last year. The company attributes this growth to the earnings generated by the Sky City Casino in Auckland.

Over the course of 2011, profits for Sky City rose by over $10 million to $78 for the year. The company believes that the changes made to Sky City Auckland are to thank for this impressive profit increase over the course of the past year.

$50 million was spent on renovating the gambling facilities available the casino, but the company still managed to offset the costs with improved profits. In addition to building a new VIP lounge, Sky City also renovated other areas of the casino to make them more attractive to players.

Slots brought in the amount of increased revenue, seeing a rise by 17%. Non-gaming elements also helped to boost profits. Auckland’s recently-revamped hotels and restaurants garnered a great deal of attention from patrons.

It seems that the adage “you have to spend money to make money” is true for Sky City. The company always seems to have very positive results after renovating its various casinos.

Couples’ Relationship Satisfaction Linked to Gaming

Online gaming is currently one of the most popular leisure activities in the world. Believe it or not, more and more adults are spending an increasing amount of time playing games online, making it a substantial hobby. As such, it becomes an important issue in many relationships today, affecting how successful a couple is, romantically.

Brigham Young University has recently published a study that confirms this. The study has found that couples who enjoy playing online games together experience higher rates of satisfaction in their relationships. 76% of the couples interviewed who play games together reported being happy in their relationships, while 70% of couples in which only one partner games have relationship problems.

However, the study also found that if one partner is more experienced than the other, it could lead to relationship troubles. They may get frustrated if their romantic counterpart cannot keep up.

We suppose the fact remains that all couples who enjoy at least one mutual activity will experience more satisfaction in their relationships. Whether it’s playing online poker or console video games, if couples enjoy the same things, they will be happier together.

Poker Stars Launches Mobile Gambling Application

It seems that iTunes is becoming increasingly lenient about its online gambling regulations. Previously, the company would not allow developers to sell real-money gambling applications in its marketplace, causing Full Tilt Poker’s Rush Poker app to be banned. Now, just a year later, Poker Stars has been allowed to launch its own online gambling application.

Poker Stars mobile allows players to compete in poker games from their mobile phones. At the moment, only Texas Hold ‘Em and Omaha are available. However, players can take part in cash games, tournaments and different limit variations of the game.

There are some other great features that players can take advantage of. Firstly, players can multi-table, accessing up to 5 tables at once. Players also have access to their hand histories and all of their account information with a touch of their screen.

The new Poker Stars mobile application rolled out in Italy first before being brought to the United Kingdom. It is likely that the application will be introduced to other markets around the world and New Zealand residents are keeping their fingers crossed. With online gambling laws in review, it doesn’t seem so unlikely.

Woman Wins Employment Dispute with Christchurch Casino

Christchurch Casino is already in a great deal of financial trouble. The recent earthquake has seen the operator lose a great deal of revenue and has boosted its insurance costs. Now, the company has been forced to pay out a $20 000 settlement to a woman who was wrongly dismissed from her position as a shift supervisor.

Tanya Cooper worked as a shift supervisor at the casino for a number of years. When she became pregnant, her employer promised that she would be able to return to her position in a year’s time. Unfortunately, she was informed that she would no longer be needed for the job only three months into her maternity leave. She was also told that a similar position would not be available.

She contacted the Employment Relationship Authority to file a complaint. She was not only humiliated but also stressed out over her financial situation. She ERA sided with Cooper, claiming that the casino operator treated her in an unfair manner by demoting her.

Now, Christchurch Casino will have to pay her $20000 in damages – $8000 in lost wages and $12 000 for her troubles.

SkyCity Breakers Visit Christchurch

National Basketball Team SkyCity Breakers, sponsored by the national casino chain, will be visiting Christchurch to help lift the community’s spirits. It is an admirable effort from the sports team and the athletes are hopeful that it will result in some form of relief for the victims of the recent earthquake.

“So much of our focus as a club, as an organisation is about community and the work we can do to provide a pathway for young children”, says Richard Clarke, manager of the Breakers.

In the morning, the team will take a tour of the Red Zone, the area which was affected by the earthquake. It will help to provide the athletes with a realistic perception of just how devastating the earthquake was in the Christchurch region.

Then, in the afternoon, players will run coaching clinics. Local groups will be able to attend, having a chance to meet professional athletes and learn from them. It will be a very valuable experience for young players who have dreams of becoming basketball players.

The Breakers have provided a great deal of support to the area in the months since the earthquake. During this trying times, the community is truly grateful for the team’s dedication to helping young athletes in the area.

IGT Sees a Slow Start to 2012

IGT is one of the world’s top manufacturers of slot machines, providing casino games to venues not only in New Zealand but across the United States and Asia. Unfortunately for investors, the company has gotten off to a slow start in 2012, releasing some disappointing financial results.

While IGT maintains a strong foothold in the New Zealand gambling market, the North American market is presenting some problems. The company brought in $50 million, whereas the same time last year saw $73 in profits. According to a spokesperson for IGT, the first quarter of 2012 was the softest seasonal quarter for IGT, due to pursuing fewer club openings in the United States. However, the company maintains that things will look up later in the year.

In 2012, the company will look at expanding its land-based operators across the United States as well as in locations across Europe and Asia. As such, IGT plans on increasing its profits over the course of the rest of the year.

IGT is also well-positioned to enter the American online gambling market. Since IGT is already located in the United States and has an online division, the company could easily pursue online operations in the country and see a significant increase in profits when online gambling becomes available to American residents.

SkyCity Conference Centre Deal on Track

Stephen Joyce, New Zealand’s Economic Development Minister, has recently decided to revisit his plan to enlist in the help of Sky City Casinos to build a conference centre Auckland. He hopes that the country’s newly relaxed attitude towards gambling regulations will make way for the construction of the new venue.

Four companies submitted proposals offering to build the new venue. SkyCity won the bid, as it offered the government a very attractive deal. The company offered to cover the entire cost of the centre’s construction in return for relaxed gambling laws. As such, the casino operator hopes that the government will allow for more gaming machines in its gambling venues across the city.

Initially, the deal was put on hold, as the government was not sure about relaxing its gaming laws for such a purpose. However, Stephen Joyce has decided that it would be best to reconsider the plan. The new conference centre would create a new reason for international tourists to visit New Zealand, making its construction essential to developing the country’s tourism industry.

This could be a mutually-beneficial deal for both sides. It will be interesting to see how the agreement will turn out this time around.

IGT Releases New Fire Opals Online Casino Game

IGT is one of the biggest suppliers of poker machines to clubs and casinos across New Zealand, and has started to make a huge impact in the online casino world as well. Over the course of the past year, the company has released a wide range of fun and exciting online games that New Zealanders can enjoy from the comfort of their own homes. Their latest title, Fire Opals, is set to be released later in the year.

Fire Opals takes on a whole new format, offering players an unique way to win some very generous online prizes. Rather than featuring five straight reels, the game is played with a hexagonal format which pays out both right-to-left and left-to-right.

As such, the game offers players more chances to win in a single spin. While betting on all of the paylines in a typical online slots games offer about 100 ways to win, Fire Opals grants 720! This is because the player must wager a fixed amount, which applies to all paylines. So, they never missed out on any cash prizes while playing this new and exciting online slots game.

Fire Opals will be available at a wide range of IGT-powered online casinos in coming weeks. So, keep an eye out at your favourite gambling websites for the release of this new game.

APPT Poker Tour to Hit Australia and New Zealand

The Asian Pacific Poker Tour, presented by PokerStars, was the first of two poker events to hit Australia and New Zealand this year. In addition to Stars’ Australia New Zealand Poker tour taking place at various gambling venues across the countries, the APPT presented plenty of amazing opportunities for Australian poker players to compete for incredible cash prizes.

Seoul , Macau and Cebu are the three Asian stops on the tour, which will be made this year. The two Australian legs of the tour took place in Melbourne in July and Queenstown in August of 2011. The APPT Melbourne presented players with the chance to buy in to a $5000 event at the Crown Casino while the APPT Queenstown offered a $3000 event at Sky City.

The two events saw some of the best and brightest Australian and New Zealand poker players come out for the event. Some of them will continue on to the final, which will take place in Cebu on April 25th, while others will stay local to compete in the upcoming ANZPT which will start later in the year.

Over all, it has been an incredibly exciting year for poker in New Zealand, and we are exciting to see what is next.

One Stop for New Zealand On Poker Tour

The Australian New Zealand Poker tour is going to be one of the most exciting events that Zealand’s gambling industry has seen this year. In the fourth series of the tour, Poker Stars will hit four casinos across the area – including on in New Zealand.

The third event on the schedule is Sky City Queensland, one of the most popular casinos in the country. So far, the PokerStars website has announced that there will be a $2700 + $300 buy-in event, which will be capped at 200 players.

To get a seat in the tournament, you can play in online satellites, which award ANZPT prize packages, including a Main Event buy-in, accommodation, tourist outing and travel expenses. You can also qualify live in tournaments held at Sky City Queenstown or simply buy-in directly.

In previous seasons, the New Zealand stop of the ANZPT has proved to be incredibly exciting. So, we anticipate that seats will go quickly. Other stops on the tour include The Star in Sydney and Crown Casino in Melbourne. There is another stop schedule before Queenstown, but Poker Stars has yet to announced the location.