Online Gambling Displaces Land-Based Casinos

The New Zealand government has worked hard to outlaw online gambling over the past few years, but it was inevitable that residents would catch on to the craze. Despite politicians’ best efforts to ban the activity, online gambling is gaining popularity in New Zealand.

New Zealand’s land-based casinos are seeing fewer patrons and less profits this year, thanks to the increasingly popularity of online gambling. Even pokies, one of the country’s favourite pastimes, are seeing less play. Last year, players in the Northland province spent 24% less on poker machines than they had the previous year.

A wide range of land-based operators have decided to take their games online, and players have followed. Companies like Aristocrat and IGT, two of the biggest poker machine manufacturers, have made the shift and gained a huge following in the online world.

“Internet gambling is way more accessible”, says Problem Gambling Counsellor Diane Matthews. “But the sad thing about that is all the money goes overseas.”

The online gambling market is not regulated in New Zealand, but operators may want to consider doing so in the future. If not, land-based casino profits will continue to fall, and the government lose out on a great deal of tax revenue.