Auckland Residents Concerned About Sex Tourism

City Councillors in Auckland are excited about the prospect of having a new convention built for them by Sky City Casino at no cost. The only catch is that the casino will be allowed to install 500 new pokie machines. While this is the primary concern for most residents of Auckland, new worries are arising about other issues, such as sex tourism.

Local politicians are determined to build the new convention centre as a means to increase revenue by attracting hundreds of thousands new visitors each year. They were aware that tourists would be spending their money on typical forms of entertainment but did not consider the fact that the new convention would present a huge boost to the sex tourism market.

A study from the United States demonstrates the prostitution rates are higher in area tourist areas. These types of activities are more likely to occur where they are hotels and convention centres. This is also true on a local level, as Christchurch business owners state that gentlemen’s clubs see more activity when conventions are in town.

While his it certainly something to be concerned about, politicians have yet to respond to this new revelation. Since they seem very dedicated to the cause, it is likely that his new information will not phase them.

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