Lottery Fraud Remanded

A woman who attempted to commit fraud with a stolen lottery ticket has been remanded this week. A Christchurch judge has requested that she return to court on April 27th, but in the meantime, she is out on bail.

The culprit is Ivy Marie Rolleston of Hoon Hay. She was formerly a lottery operator at a local BP, where she sold lottery tickets and cashed out small prizes. After years of taking on the position, it seems as though she gained enough confidence to believe that she would be able to pull off lottery fraud scheme.

She had attempted to have a third party cash out a lottery ticket that she – herself – had not purchased. Unfortunately for her, the plan did not go as planned, and she was caught by local authorities.

Rolleston is facing charges of attempting to dishonestly use a document in addition for four other accounts of theft. While this situation has not been seen very often across New Zealand, it has happened quite a few times around the world. Lotteries in Canada, Europe and the United States have enacted strict rules and regulations to ensure that lottery retailers cannot commit fraud – and it seems as though New Zealand may have to do the same.

Are Sports Too Reliant on Pokies Funds?

Concerns are mounting over the Otago Rugby Football Union’s involvement in the poker machine market. The football club seems to be strapped for cash due to less funding from pokies revenue. While the club could search for other sources for funding, some experts wonder why it has become so reliant on pokies – and if this dependency is excesdue to less funding from pokies revenue. While the club could search for other sources for funding, some experts wonder why it has become so reliant on pokies – and if this dependency is excessive.

While pokies funding is used to help a wide range of organizations across the country, sports benefit the most. Of all donations made last year, sports received an impressive $800 million from poker machine revenue. Rugby received the most, getting $142 million while horseracing receive $99 million and football received $60 million.

However, an ethical dilemma arises when it is revealed that 40% of the money that goes to sports organizations is funded by problem gamblers. Pokies funding is very beneficial source for community organizations but it does come at a cost to the welfare of vulnerable individuals.

So – anti-gambling groups wonder if sports organizations should give up poker machine funding in order to help curb problem gambling rates? Or, is it out of the sports industry’s hands?

What Do Lottery Winners Spend Their Money On?

A recent report in the Bay of Plenty Times covers the issue of lottery winners and how they choose to spend their money. While we all say that we would purchase new homes and cars, there are some people who have given the question a bit more thought – and a recent study examines what those individuals would purchase.

The study found some very interesting answers, with people choosing to live out obscure dreams with their potential winnings. For example, one person wanted to build a motor bike track in his backyard while another wanted to have a life-time supply of new bed linens every night. Some answers were even more obscure, as people would purchase castles and exotic reptiles.

However, when someone actually does win the lottery, their spending seems to be a bit more grounded. One recently interviewed lottery winner paid for an expensive fertility treatment, while another funding a gastric bypass operation. Some conquests were even simpler, such as buying a Rolex watch or a pair of Prada shoes.

So, what would you purchase if you won the lottery this week? Send us a comment or an email to let us know how you would spend your winnings.

New Sky City Pokies to Pay Off Convention Centre

While $350 million is a lot of money for one company to spend on the construction of a new convention centre, Sky City does not seem very worried at all. While it seemed liked the casino operator was getting the short end of the deal by offering to build the new centre, Sky City will actually benefit the most from the deal.

Goldman Sachs has recently conducted a report outlining the exact cost of the new poker machines in Sky City Auckland. According to the company’s calculations, the machines will bring in at least $143 000 each year, providing an overall profit of $350 million by 2017. It will only take Sky City 5 years to pay off the cost of the new convention centre, so the deal certainly works out in the casino’s favour.

Unfortunately, the general public is not as pleased about the news. Most citizens are worried that the deal will make Auckland look as though it is obsessed with money, rather than caring about the well-being of its citizens. However, city councillors do not seem overly concerned with this image perception and are very dedicated to the deal with Sky City.

Convention Centre Deal Will Not Relax Advertising Laws

After reports last week claimed that the public was being kept out of the negotiations between city councilors and Sky City, a new report shows some progress. The public has been given a little more insight into the discussions between Sky City and politicians, as it has been revealed that the operators has asked for relaxed gambling advertising laws, as well.

The deal originally stated that, in return for the construction of the new conference centre in Auckland, gambling laws would be relaxed. This means that the local Sky City will be able to install more poker machines and table games, despite the city’s cap on gambling.

Now, Sky City is asking for a bit more. Recent reports that that Sky City has asked for the local government to relax laws concerning gambling advertising for the casino operator as well – but politicians will not agree.

According to Economic Minister Steven Joyce, there is “no chance” that councilors will agree to relaxing current gambling advertising laws. Sky City is already getting a very generous deal in return for building the new conference centre, and we believe that the operator should not push its luck by asking for more perks.

IGT Interested in Facebook Gaming

Social gaming is the best big thing in the online gambling market. More and more developers from around the world are launching their own Facebook game applications, allowing players to interact via their games while communicating through Facebook. Few online casino developers have ventured into this market, and IGT plans on being one of the first to do so.

In a recent report published by the Las Vegas Sun, IGT will be taking a departure from its real-money gambling operations and focusing on social gaming. While IGT has recently launched into the online gambling market, this will be the first time that the company has worked with play-money applications.

While it may not seem worthwhile at first, since the exchange of actual cash is not allowed, there are plenty more opportunities for IGT to have a profitable experience in the social gaming market. Firstly, advertising revenue can amount to millions over the course of a few years. It will also help to expose IGT to a new gambling audience in the Facebook market, offering a great form of promotion.

Lotto Winner Trevor Spends Big on Cars

A local man who only goes by the name Trevor recently made headlines when he won a $26 million jackpot from a lucky PowerBall draw. He shocked the general public when he announced that he would return to work as a grocery store clerk the next day, but he did not keep his promise – and who can blame him? Now, the media watches his every move, as Trevor has been dubbed the country’s most eligible bachelor.

According to a report in the Otago Daily Times, he has purchased two new cars, one of which is a HSV Maloo 2011 high-performance ute with a Corvette engine. It reportedly costs $70 000. He is also rumoured to be in talks with local dealers about purchasing a Dodge Viper.

While Trevor initially had a down-to-Earth image, some people are concerned that the win is going to his head – but we can’t blame him. So what if Trevor is purchasing expensive cars? I’m sure most people would do the same when faced with a lottery win this big. However, it may have been in Trevor’s best interest not to go public with his win – as he now has all of New Zealand’s media reporting on every purchase he makes.

Is Full Tilt Preparing to Return?

It has been quite some time since Full Tilt Poker has made headlines, but the company is finally back in the public eye. A recent report claims that Full Tilt Poker has reapplied for its gambling license, a positive step forward for the infamous online poker operator.

The first sign that the company had started its re-launch plans came with an influx of job posting for Pocket Kings, the company that operators Full Tilt Poker. Several career listings for the company were posted earlier this week, leading players to believe that Full Tilt was readying itself for a return to the online gambling world.

Another sign is the fact that Orinic has applied for a new gambling license. While this may not seem like big news, the company is actually very closely related to Full Tilt, as Orinic previously had plans to launch Full Tilt Poker in the Swiss gambling market.

While it may just be wishful thinking, we have reason to believe that Full Tilt Poker is preparing to make a triumphant comeback to the world of online poker. Over the course of the past few months, other companies have failed to take its place has a high-quality online poker website – and many players eagerly await its return.

$26 Million Winner Will Stay A Grocery Store Clerk

When someone wins a million-dollar jackpot prize, one of their first announcements is that they will quit their day job – but that is not the case for the most recent Powerball winner. 34-year-old Trevor from Waikato is a grocery store clerk, and he plans on staying in his position despite winning a $26 million lottery jackpot.

Trevor is this week’s winner of the Powerball jackpot, which has been climbing over the course of the past few weeks. As such, it is one of the biggest jackpots that the NZ Lottery has ever paid out. Despite winning this record-breaking lottery jackpot, Trevor does not want to make any changes to his current career.

“Everything will go on the way it is,” says Trevor. “It’s just a lot easier.”

He stated that he has recently completely a management course for his job. So, he is more interested in working towards a promotion at work rather than quitting his job completely. He has made a few small plans for his money, however; they include purchasing a new car and home as well as getting involved in motor sports.

TV Host Barred from Sky City Coverage

After announcing his celebrity endorsement deal with SkyCity Casinos, Mike Hosking has been barred from covering stories about the casino operator and its venues. TVNZ believes his new deal with the casino will be a conflict of interest when reporting on stories that concern the brand, and he will no longer be able to take on this sort of coverage.

Hosking is host of TVNZ’s program, Close Up, which covers a wide range of issues that are important to New Zealand residents. In several episodes, he has covered the topic of gambling and has adopted an anti-gambling stance on the matter.

As part of Hosking’s deal with Sky City, he often assumes the role of the Master of Ceremonies at the brand’s big events. According to reports, the money he earns from his deal with Sky City could be worth tens of thousands of dollars per year. He did not realize it would be a conflict of interest when he made the deal, as he states he is only at the television station a few times per week.