Lakshmi’s Gold Pulled From Online Casinos

Almost immediately after releasing Lakshmi’s Gold online slots, PlayTech received word that the Hindu community was very upset with the game. Depicting various Hindu gods, Lakshmi’s Gold was considered to be disrespectful and insulting to Hindus. Now, after just one week of controversy, PlayTech has removed the game from its online casinos.

Rajan Zed, a famous Hindu leader, was the first to speak out against the game. He stated that it was insulting to depict deities in such a way, insulting those who believe in these Gods. Zed led the campaign to have the game removed from online casinos, and has become pleased to discover that PlayTech abided by the community’s wishes.

As of today, Lakshmi’s Gold is no longer available at online casinos powered by PlayTech. However, PlayTech has yet to issue an apology to the community. It seems as though it is unlikely that the company will be doing so; if PlayTech had planned on apologizing, it likely would have done so while recalling the game. Rajan Zed states the recall is a step in the right direction, but is not happy that the company has not apologized.

Smartphones Allow for Underage Exposure to Gambling

In New Zealand, a major concern is the issue of underage gambling. Many recent reports have shown that children across the country are getting their starts in the gambling industry from a very early age, and politicians are discouraging parents from purchasing lottery tickets for their children and allowing them to take part in home games.

However, there is one situation that cannot be controlled by parents: mobile gambling. With the advent of smartphones, more children than ever have access to mobile gambling apps – and parents cannot stop them from taking part in poker and casino games on their mobile phones.

In the mobile gaming world, children are exposed to gambling activities. Three of the top 5 apps in the iTunes App Market are gambling-related, and there is nothing stopping children from downloading them.

Although they are free-play games, they expose children to gambling from a very early age. The major concern with this is that early exposure can foster the development of unhealthy gambling habits. It also portrays gambling in an unrealistic way, as allowing players to use play money distances them from the real world impacts of playing casino games.

Rumours Circulate About Removal of Lord of the Rings Slots

In the online casino world, Lord of the Rings online slots was one of the best games the market had seen in recent years. Designed by Microgaming, Lord of the Rings presented the online gambling market with a unique perspective on branded slots, using new technology to create an immersive online gaming experience.

Now, it seems that the game may not be around for much longer. Rumours are circulating which claim that Lord of the Rings online slots may be removed from Microgaming’s repertoire of games by the end of the month. With the recent success of the game, the news has come as a shock to the online gaming world.

As it stands, this is all hearsay, but internet forums are buzzing with the news. It seems that a few affiliates have been informed that the game will no longer be available at Microgaming-powered casinos. The information was leaked, and now internet gamblers are trying to get to the bottom of the issue.

While the removal of Lord of the Rings slots still remains to be seen, we will keep you updated with any developments with the story.

Lottery Spending on the Rise

Across New Zealand lottery spending has been on the rise, thanks to the number of large jackpots that have been offered over the course of the past few months. According to a report in the New Zealand Herald, pokies spending may be down but lottery spending is way up.

The report cites research conducted by Roy Morgan which has found a 4% increase in lottery buyers over the course of one year. The statistics show that 56% of adults over the age of 18 bought lottery tickets in 2011 while just 52% bought lottery tickets the year before.

While the local lottery is considered to be less harmful than poker machines and other forms of casino gambling, the Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand is concerned about the behaviour of lottery ticket buyers. While numbers are on the rise, the organization is not concerned about the population of lottery players; rather, they are focused on the number of players who purchase lottery tickets but cannot afford to do so.

The most growth for the local lottery has been seen when jackpots hit more than $15 million. It is at this point that lottery sales surge, as more individuals buy multiple tickets for their chance to win big.

Win a Trip to Superhero Island with is a top destination for online gamblers, as it offers players some of the most generous and unique promotions in the online casino world. This month, the casino is offering players the chance to win a trip to Super Hero Island at Universal Studios as part of its Marvel Adventure promotion.

The Marvel Adventure promotion is a simple draw. For every $50 that players wager, they receive one entry into the draw. From that point, players can do with their cash as they wish, unlike many promotions which require players to play certain games.

The lucky player who wins the grand prize will win a trip for two to Super Hero Island at Universal Studios in Florida. Their flights will be paid for and they will be able to stay in a 5-star hotel at Universal Studios. It is a great chance to players across New Zealand to explore a new world.

Super Hero Island is a location at Universal Studio which offers rides based on Marvel superheroes. It is one of the only theme parks of its kind, offering a thrilling experience to patrons.

Zoom Poker Now Available in New Zealand

PokerStars’ new mobile application, Zoom Poker, is now available in New Zealand. The application, which was launched in the UK and across Europe, last week was previously restricted from residents in the country. Now, New Zealanders have the chance to get in on some fast-paced mobile poker action.

Zoom Poker is a fast-paced poker application which allows players to move to a new table as soon as they fold their hand. It allows grinders to get in more poker hands and new players to get the experience they need to progress to higher stakes.

Texas Hold ‘Em and Pot Limit Omaha are the two poker games that are currently available on Zoom Poker. Each is offered with a wide range of stakes, from 1c/2c to $1/$2, so players of all skill levels can join in on the fun.

Along with the news that Zoom Poker is now available in New Zealand, it has also been announced that the application will also support iOS. This means that iPhone and iPad users will now have access to Zoom Poker and other mobile PokerStars apps.

Man Sentenced For Pokies Grant Fraud

In New Zealand, a large portion of the profits generated by poker machines are used to fund charities across the country. However, one individual has taken advantage of the system, claiming more than $600 000 worth of pokies grants that he was not entitled to.

Noel Henry Gibbons worked for the Manukau Bowl for three years starting in 2006. During that time, the organization had invested in a company which had a stake in pokies pubs. Gibbons applied for over $600 000 worth of grants for the pokies in those pubs, using the money to benefit the bowling green and to pay off loans used to purchase the pubs in the first place. He admitted to using forged documents to claim the funds, pleading guilty to the crime.

Gibbons appeared in court this week for his involvement in the scam. A 79-year-old man, he was sentenced to just 6 months of community service – due to his age and declining health. However, the judge wanted to make an example out of him, so as to discourage other individuals from trying similar scams.

Zoom Poker Out of Beta

This week, Zoom Poker has come out of Beta mode. After successful testing and trials, PokerStars’ Zoom Poker is an official offering from the online poker giant. To mark the occasion, Stars has also released Zoom Poker as a mobile application.

During the beta testing period of Zoom Poker, over 300 million hands were dealt. Despite being in a trial mode, players flocked to the application, as it seemed to be a suitable replacement for Full Tilt Poker’s Rush Poker application. It seemed to have exceeded players’ expectations, as it offered up a wider range of games and stakes than Rush Poker.

If you don’t already know what Zoom Poker is, it is a face-paced online poker application. Players can fit in more hands as they are move to a new table every time they fold. It allows players to get in the volume when it comes to grinding it out in the online poker world – and is a fun way for beginners to learn the basics.

The mobile version of Zoom Poker is only available for Android devices from the .net, .com and PokerStars domains. There is no word yet on whether or not it will be released for; however, New Zealand and Australian players can still take part in Zoom poker on the downloadable suite of PokerStars.

New Texas Hold ‘Em Game Available at DoubleDown Casino from IGT

IGT may be a popular slot machine developer in New Zealand, but that doesn’t mean that the company can’t delve into other markets. In recent months, IGT has proven itself to be a diverse online casino operator, venturing into social gaming by teaming up with DoubleDown Interactive. Now, the two companies are stepping outside of their comfort zones by getting involved in table games with the release of DoubleDown Casino’s new Texas Hold ‘Em application.

Texas Hold ‘Em is one of the most popular casino games in the world, with millions of players worldwide taking part ring games and tournaments. Now, Facebook users will have additional choice when it comes to playing the traditional poker game on the Facebook Games platform, as DoubleDown Casino will be competing with Zynga Poker.

While Zynga Poker is more established in the social gaming world, DoubleDown Casino offers players more choice when it comes to general gaming. So, when players tire of Texas Hold ‘Em, then can instantly switch to slots or other casino games. DoubleDown Casino also offers game guides and tutorials for beginners and 4 different gaming speeds.

Christchurch Pubs Celebrate Being Pokie-Free

When it comes to entertainment in New Zealand, pokies have become a popular form of leisure entertainment and many clubs and pubs depend on the income generated by the machines to cover their operating costs. However, several venues across Christchurch have refused to host pokies as part of a new campaign called ‘Proud to be Pokies-Free’.

Anglican Life and the Problem Gambling Foundation have joined forces to launch the campaign, which celebrates venues that refuse to host pokies. They want to show pub owners that they can be successful without poker machines, and many operators have already jumped on board with the campaign.

“We can rebuild our city without pokie machines,” said National Public Health Manager Tony Milne.

The campaign seems to be especially crucial in a city like Christchurch, which has the chance to rebuild itself. Now is the ideal time to start over, without a dependence on pokies – and Proud to be Pokies-Free aims to make that happen.

Currently, there are just five clubs across Christchurch which support the cause. However, it is likely that more will hop on board in the future.