John Key Exaggerates Convention Centre Jobs

Prime Minister John Key is very enthusiastic about the construction of Auckland’s new convention centre, to be carried about by Sky City Casinos, and he wants the public to feel as passionately as he does about the issue. As such, he has provided some very generous estimates about job opportunities that will be provided by the new centre, but official estimates debunk these claims.

Key has stated that the new Sky City convention centre will create 900 construction jobs. As a $350 million project, he estimated that the construction of the centre would require hundreds of workers worth of manpower. Key also claimed that 800 permanent jobs would also result from the new convention centre.

A feasibility study by Horvath Ltd. shows that the actual numbers are not as generous. According to the report, between 315 and 500 people would be hired as a result of the new convention centre’s construction. These numbers not only refer to the number of individuals working in the centre but also to those working in related industries: for example taxi drivers and hotel workers.

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