Casino Worker Wins Case Against Sky City

Tuni Parata has won the right to carry her Bible with her while working at a local SkyCity Casino. Earlier, she feared that her job might be at stake, as she was reprimanded by the casino’s managers after it was discovered that she was carrying a Bible around with her while working.

According to SkyCity, it is against the company’s rules for any employee to carry any sort of personal belongings while they are on the casino floor. It is considered to be a violation of the company’s uniform rules. As such, the company does not believe that the religious backlash was necessary, as it was not punishing Parata for her beliefs but rather her transgressions of the rules.

Parata met with SkyCity managers and professionals this week to explain her situation. She stated that employees were being restricted from making the most of their breaks if they’re not allowed to carry personal items on them. With many lockers being 15 minutes away from the casino floor, workers should be able to carry at least some approved items with them.

The casino agreed that Parata would be able to carry her Bible with her while she worked. The only stipulation is that she cannot take the book out while she is carrying out her duties on the casino floor.

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