Bet365 Launches Euro Promotion

When major sporting events take place, online casinos view this as an opportunity to launch great promotions and award players with cash prizes. Being a popular online betting website, Bet365 is well-versed in thinking up creative promotions that target a wide range of players. In honour of the Euro 2012 football tournament, Bet365 has launched a promotion that not only benefits punters but also online casino players.

The Euro 2012 promotion at Bet365 provides players with the chance to earn a 25% match bonus during certain matches. Before, during and after particular matches, players are encouraged to deposit funds in order to obtain a cash bonus worth up to $250. It is a unique way to get players to deposit funds and keep them playing during special events that might otherwise distract them from playing online casino games.

In order to win, keep an eye out on Bet365’s website. When the window opens, players should deposit their desired amount of funds and enter the bonus code BOOST. An additional 25% of their deposit will be added to their account, and it can be used to play Bet365’s online casino games or wager on sports.

John Key Exaggerates Convention Centre Jobs

Prime Minister John Key is very enthusiastic about the construction of Auckland’s new convention centre, to be carried about by Sky City Casinos, and he wants the public to feel as passionately as he does about the issue. As such, he has provided some very generous estimates about job opportunities that will be provided by the new centre, but official estimates debunk these claims.

Key has stated that the new Sky City convention centre will create 900 construction jobs. As a $350 million project, he estimated that the construction of the centre would require hundreds of workers worth of manpower. Key also claimed that 800 permanent jobs would also result from the new convention centre.

A feasibility study by Horvath Ltd. shows that the actual numbers are not as generous. According to the report, between 315 and 500 people would be hired as a result of the new convention centre’s construction. These numbers not only refer to the number of individuals working in the centre but also to those working in related industries: for example taxi drivers and hotel workers.

New Zealanders Lose $250 Million on Pokies

In a recent report, it has been revealed that New Zealanders have lost $250 million on poker machines over the course of the last year. This statistics have come as a shock to the local community, especially since Sky City has been granted the right to install 350 to 500 new poker machines in return for building the city’s new convention centre.

The New Zealand Problem Gambling Foundation released these numbers, illustrating that problem gambling is becoming a serious issue in the country’s biggest city. What is more concerning, however, is that only a small portion of the money lost on poker machines is actually pumped back into the community.

According to the report, between $55 million and $95 million is returned to the community, less than 50% of the profits generated by poker machines. Of that, most of the money is presented to sports-related organizations, which receive $21 million in funding. Arts and community services receive less than $5 million combined.

As such, now seems to be the perfect time for the upcoming gambling study. It will examine the social impact of poker machines and poker machine funding for charities, providing some much-needed insight on the market.

Community Groups Will Not Lose Funding As A Result of Harm Reduction Bill

According to MP Te Ururoa Flavell, local charities and community groups do not have anything to worry about when it comes to the new harm reduction bill that could see many poker machines across New Zealand removed. He assures them that they will not lose funding but rather are likely to see an increase.

The harm reduction bill would give city councillors the power to reduce the number of poker machines in their jurisdictions. Unlike sinking lid policies, the poker machines would have to be removed within 12 months.

Since poker machines generate a large portion of funding of local charities and community groups, many local groups have become worried that the bill will jeopardize their funding. However, Flavell states that this is not likely to happen. Instead, he claims that the bill will allow for more funding to be generated for charities and not-for-profit organizations.

As it stands, only a small portion (less than 20%) is donated from poker machine profits to local charities. Under the new legislation, the community could see up to 80% of poker machines’ profits as local funding.

New Blaze Poker from Microgaming

Microgaming is normally in the spotlight for releasing new and innovative online slots games; however, the company has recently made headlines for its new Blaze Poker application, the company’s answer to PokerStars’ Zoom Poker. It presents players around the internet with an alternative to PokerStars’ website, which specializes in poker games and no other online casino games.

The concept of Zoom Poker is quite simple. Each time a player folds a hand, they are moved to a new table where they are immediately dealt a new hand. Whereas most online poker games allow players to get in 130 hands per hour, Blaze Poker offers players the chance to be dealt into 300 or more.

Initially, Blaze Poker will be launched at Ladbrokes online casino and it won’t be long before other online casino operators pick up the game as well. It presents casino players with a great alternative to playing at a poker-only site like Full Tilt or Poker Stars; so, we anticipate that Blaze Poker will be highly successful in the online casino world.