Olympic Kiwis Taunted by Australia Betting Agency

Despite their close proximity, Australia has a bitter rivalry with us when it comes to sports. While bookies are readying themselves for an influx of wagers during the 2012 London Olympics, one Australia betting firm is busy finding new and creative ways to insult our athletes.

According to Betstar, New Zealand is unlikely to win any medals that matter in the upcoming Olympics. Odds favour Valerie Adams winning a shot put gold medal – but that’s about it. The firm has a very cynical attitude about the rest of our performance during the games.

“My take on it is London 2012 will be disappointing for the Kiwis,” says managing director Alan Eskander.

During the Beijing Olympics in 2008, New Zealand won 3 gold medals, but Betstar does not believe that we will be as successful this time around. Eskander anticipates that 2 is the most that New Zealand will win – if any.

According to the New Zealand Herald, however, these predictions are not being taken very seriously. The most anyone has wagered on Betstars dismal predictions for New Zealand is $20; so, general morale is still quite high. We will simply have to wait until the games begin to see how this all plays out.

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