12.6% Profit Increase for Sky City

Sky City has seen its fair share of problems lately. In addition to a failing self-exclusion program, the company has been in the news a number of times for quite a few scandals. However, this has not affected its profits, as Sky City reported a 12.6% increase in profits during the past year.

This is great news for the company. In other situation, a company whose profile is rife with scandal would suffer – but that has not happened with Sky City. Instead, the company generated over $138 million in 2011.

Much of the year’s growth was due to the 2011 Rugby World Cup. In addition to exposing a new audience to New Zealand’s top gaming operator, the games saw thousands of individuals wagering on the event. It is the same phenomenon that occurs during any big sporting event, but the Rugby World Cup was localized to New Zealand; so, Sky City was able to take advantage of the situation.

Moving forward, SkyCity will experience an even bigger profit increase. With the installation of 500 new poker machines at the company’s Auckland location, SkyCity will certainly thrive in the future.

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