iPhone Opens Up to Mobile Gambling

The iPhone was previously was one of the last few platforms that existed without offering online gambling applications – but all that has recently changed, as Apple devices now support mobile casino games. It opens up a whole new audience up to the possibilities of gambling in the digital era, allowing players to access their favourite gambling activities from virtually anywhere.

Currently, there are a number of mobile applications available for the iPhone, offered by companies like William Hill, Betfair and PokerStars. Developers have seen the immense value of appealing to the Apple gaming market and have taken advantage of the opportunity. With mobile technology developing rapidly, there is plenty of room for growth.

“This is the biggest opportunity that game developers have had since the advent of the Internet,” Christopher Griffin of Betable said in an interview with The Financial Post.

In order to offer their games via the iTunes marketplace, online casino developers must comply with strict rules and regulations, including local gambling laws. As such, you can rest assured that playing at an Apple-approved gambling website will offer up a safe and secure mobile gambling experience.

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