Second Week of InterHunt Promo Begins

InterCasino has really outdone itself this time. The online casino operator launches creative promotions just about every month, aiming to keep players engaged and entertained. Normally, they require players to take part in particular games – but InterHunt is different. Players put their gambling skills and knowledge to the test in order to win cash prizes from the online casino operator.

Each week, players are presented with a new riddle. If they guess the answer correctly, then they can earn a generous cash prize. This is a totally different approach to most online casino promotions, and it has been a big hit thus far.

This week, the riddle is as follows: Travel to the Caribbean and test your skills at the table. The dealer awaits with a 52-card deck in hand.

Players must deposit $25 and then wager on the game that is hinted at in the riddle. This week, players must earn 200 comp points in order to earn up to $250 in bonus cash. It is a unique way for players to earn bonus dollars from an online casino and this week is especially beneficially for card-playing casino fans.

Week 2 of Interhunt has only just started, so visit InterCasino to find out how you can cash in.

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