SkyCity Pays $2.7 Million Over Fraud Case

From 2004 to 2010, Herminia Lanuza used SkyCity’s Bank of New Zealand location to steal $2.7 million from her employer to fund her gambling habit. Blaming the bank for allowing the fraud to take place, Lanuza’s employer took the company to court, and the two parties have finally settled for an undisclosed sum of money.

The practices of SkyCity’s Bank of New Zealand have been named ‘socially questionable’ by the Problem Gambling Foundation. The bank is open 7 hours longer than other locations and does not hold cheques for any number of days before cashing them. While these practices are meant to protect customers from fraud, they also present plenty of opportunities for criminals.

As such, Lanuza’s former employer felt that the casino bank should take responsibility for the crimes committed. Police reports prove that she did not have the authority to cash cheques from the company or withdraw company funds, and SkyCity’s Bank of New Zealand failed to intervene. The High Court case was recently settled; however, the details of the transaction have yet to be revealed.

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