Scammers Target NZ Casinos With High-Tech Devices

With the introduction of sophisticated safety features at casinos, it has becoming increasingly difficult for patrons to cheat. However, one group of gamblers at SkyCity Auckland managed to scam $4.5 million from the casino, and were able to get away with the crime using sophisticated technology to seem inconspicuous.

According to reports, a dozen gamblers on a junket from Singapore had used unique methods to steal from the casino. Security cameras noticed that a baccarat dealer had made a suspicious movement when cutting his deck before excusing himself to the washroom. The casino’s security camera did not catch any further proof of cheating, and none of the players were wearing items of clothing that could conceal hidden cards. The group was not apprehended in New Zealand, but they were arrested shortly after in Singapore for using the same method to cheat.

In 2010, a similar case was uncovered. This time, a man was caught in the act of cheating, using a mechanical device to switch the deck’s cards with his own. This form of cheating is being used frequently, as players can quickly and unnoticeably rig the deck using this sophisticated device. In some cases, hidden cameras are used to record the order of the cards.

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