Live Games Promotion at Bet365

One of the most common issues that players have with online casinos is that the experience lacks the kind of face-to-face interaction that you encounter in land-based gambling venues. Fortunately, several online casino operators provide live dealer casino games, which allow players to take part in casino games with actual dealers, broadcasted via webcam. This month at Bet365, players are encouraged to take part in live dealer games, as part of a new promotion.

The Live Games Giveaway at InterCasino provides players with the chance to earn generous cash prizes simply by playing their favourite live dealer games. There are dozens of titles to choose from, including: baccarat, roulette, pai gow and sic bow.

All you have to do is opt-in to the promotion. There is no need to deposit a particular amount of money or enter a bonus code. Then, simply play the live dealer game of your choice and collect points. At the end of the promotional period, players are awarded prizes based on how many points they have earned. First prize wins a generous $500 with second and third place winning $350 and $300 respectively. So, opt-in today!

Full Tilt Poker Lawsuit Expanded

Things have gotten even worse for former Full Tilt Poker owners Raymond Bitar and Howard Lederer. A number of charges were brought up against the two men, after Full Tilt Poker was discovered to be operating in the American gambling market illegally – as well as operating as a Ponzi scheme. Now, new charges have been laid against Bitar and Lederer, as the prosecution argues that they have violated the Travel Act 1961.

The Travel Act prohibits the distribution of funds earned illegally via fraudulent business practices. Lederer and Bitar violated the act by transferring funds from the site’s business account to Lederer’s personal account. These funds were not profits earned from Full Tilt’s operators; rather, they were player deposits.

“The funds were used to purchase/pay for real estate, renovations, new home construction costs, furniture, mortgage payments, property taxes, personal pension plans and 401K’s, and various personal vehicles,” reads the complaint.

Last week, Lederer attempted to use a new ruling that poker is a game of skill to have his charges dropped. Unfortunately, this new revelation will only make matters worse for Lederer and his former business partner, as it seems there will be no way for either party to escape these charges.

Microgaming Launches New HTML5 Slots

Although HTML5 has been around for quite some time, the programming language has yet to make its appearance in the online gambling market. Microgaming is finally introducing HTML5 to online casino fans, launching a new set of games on the platform.

HTML5 provides great benefits to casino developers, as it provides them with the ability to create programs for a wide range of device. It is especially useful when designing applications for both Mac and Android devices, as HTML5 can run on both systems. As each operating system earns a bigger market share, cross development has become increasingly important.

The new games that are available from Microgaming are Ladies Night and Spring Break, two multi-line mobile slots games that aim to entertain. Both games received a positive response in the online gambling market; so, they are likely to receive a great deal of attention on mobile devices like iPhones and iPads.

Ladies Night and Spring Break will be joining a roster of 75 existing mobile titles from Microgaming. From slots to table games, Microgaming’s mobile casino offers a diverse experience for players on the go.

Does Facebook Encourage Underage Gambling?

Facebook is the premiere provider of social games. The platform offers players around the world a vast collection of fun titles that can be shared with friends; however, there are concerns that these games could encourage underage gambling.

According to NewsTalk ZB, many cases of underage gambling begin on the internet. Although sites like Facebook do not require players to spend any money in order to play, many of the titles are based on casino games (ie. Zynga Poker, Double Down Casino). Children have access to these play-money casino games, which exposes them to gambling.

Additionally, play-money games can be more harmful than actual casino games. Since players do not lose real cash, inexperienced gamblers may develop unrealistic perceptions about gambling.

“They often get onto Facebook,” says Dr. Sean Sullivan. “There’s a huge amount of gambling available on there and it’s called gaming”.

Many recent studies in New Zealand have shown that simply exposing children to gambling can lead to their development of gambling problems later on in life. As such, social games inadvertently contribute to the problem.

New Program Launched to Reduce Underage Gambling

With recent studies showing that some individuals begin gambling as young as ten-years-old, it is becoming increasingly important for the local government to fight underage gambling. A new program from New Zealand’s Problem Gambling Foundation takes to schools to help students understand the dangers of gambling from a young age.

This is an ideal time for a program of this kind to be launched in New Zealand. With the Harm Reduction Bill receiving a great deal of support, it is also important for local organizations to deal with problem gambling in other ways.

The program has been launched at Tawa College. As the program gains steam, it will expand to other schools across the country. It is important for the program to take place in schools, as it makes it mandatory for youth to take part, exposing them to a dialogue about underage gambling.

Navid Foroutan of the Problem Gambling Foundation says that the program will take an interactive approach. It is aimed at understanding how students perceive gambling, so that the program can provide an effective approach to communicating the dangers of underage gambling.

Number of Children Abandoned At Casinos Triples

Earlier this year, a couple were arrested after their five children were found locked in a van while they gambled at a local SkyCity Casino. The case was shocking, as the general public looked on in awe, as a couple neglected their children while they fed their addiction. However, the crime is more common than you would think, as the rate of child abandonment at casinos has tripled over the course of the past few years.

Statistics show that 54 children were left in cars while their parents gambled in 2011. In 2010, the number was 46 and in 2009, the number was just 19. This is a shocking discovery for the general public, as it proves that more parents are putting their gambling habits before their children.

These statistics indicate two things. Firstly, there has been an increase in the number of problem gambling addicts across the country. Secondly, those that are addicted are becoming more desperate to feed their addiction. As such, more children across New Zealand are forced to suffer.

The findings come at an ideal time, as the local government attempts to pass the Harm Reduction Bill. This bill is aimed at reducing the number of poker machines across New Zealand in an attempt to curb problem gambling rates.

Hearing Highlights Concerns of Harm Reduction Bill

New Zealand’s Harm Reduction Bill has gained quite a lot of support thus far – but there were always going to be some concerns. Many of these issues were expressed at a recent hearing for the bill, as organizations stepped forward to voice their concerns.

The Harm Reduction Bill provides local city councils across New Zealand with the ability to limit the number of poker machines that exist in a particular jurisdiction. The bill also aims to increase the amount of money that each poker machine donates to charity, which has been a significant source of the bill’s support thus far.

At the hearing, however, many organizations expressed some concerns about the potential funding scheme. While they support the fact that local councils can limit the number of poker machines, they are wary of the same councils allocating funds. Some organizations are worried that their funding will be significantly cut should this become a provision of the Harm Reduction Bill in New Zealand.

So, it seems as though it is back to the drawing board for the commission. Another hearing will be held later in the year to determine the effectiveness of the amendments.

Free Games Now Available at InterCasino

One of the benefits of playing online casino games is that you have the option to try them for free before you wager real cash on them. While most online casinos are still building their free games collection, InterCasino has launched a wide variety of games that players can try for free.

Slots, roulette, blackjack, video poker and table games are available to play for free at InterCasino. Over 60 online slots are available for free-play and dozens of table games are available to try, as well. So, you can spend hours at InterCasino without spending any money!

While some players wonder ‘what’s the point?’, there are plenty of benefits to playing free online casino games. They are especially useful when it comes to playing table games like roulette, craps and blackjack. While each game does depend heavily on luck, there is an element of skill. It is recommended that players test out their strategies on free-play games before wagering their money on the real thing, and InterCasino provides you with the opportunity to do so.

Log in to InterCasino today to try your hand at some great free games. You can run up to four in your browser at once!

Gamble Free Day Highlights Concerns About Sky City

Gamble Free Day took place yesterday in New Zealand and, in addition to raising awareness about problem gambling, the day also provided The Greens with the opportunity to raise concerns about Sky City’s new pokies deal. The political party argued that we have heard quite a lot about the financial end of the deal, but not very much about its social impacts, and The Greens would like to have more attention paid to this aspect.

“What we’ve heard is that pokie deals will pay for the convention centre, but it’s not taking into account the other costs that all of us have to pick up,” says Denise Roche of The Greens.

Ideally, The Greens would like the local government to conduct some research into the social effects of bringing up to 500 new poker machines into the country. With increased availability of the machines, the political party believes that problem gambling rates will also rise, and the local community needs to learn a bit more about the social end of the deal.

Gamble Free Day present the perfect platform for the announcement of these concerns. Now, the general public is aware of the potential harm of the deal, and they can spread the word.

SkyCity Fined For Scandal

Earlier this year, SkyCity was involved in a scandal that saw its managing Director Sid Vaikunta let go. Months later, the casino operator is still feeling the effects of the scandal, as it has recently been fined over $100 000 for failing to inform the local gaming authority.

At the beginning of the year, Sid Vaikunta was accused of sexually harassing his employees. He was suspended and threatened with the loss of his job. In February, he was fired. In the months leading up to the suspension and sacking, the casino operator failed to inform the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority.

According to the authority, this was a breach of the Casino Control Act. Whenever a casino executive is accused of wrong doing the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority must be notified so that it can conduct an investigation. Sky City’s actions interfered with the process.

The casino operator has apologized for the transgression, stating that it was unaware it had acted unlawfully. Moving forward, SkyCity will maintain transparency and an open relationship with the local gaming authority.