Was SkyCity Involved in New Immigration Deal?

SkyCity has come under fire yet again, fighting off criticism from local residents over its potential role in a new immigration deal. This week, Immigration New Zealand announced its new deal with China Southern Airlines, which would allow flyers expedited visa processing when visiting the New Zealand. Last year, SkyCity mentioned its own involvement in a similar deal, causing local residents to wonder if the casino operator had any sort of influence on Immigration New Zealand.

According to reports, SkyCity had been pushing for a deal with China Southern Airlines for over a year. The casino operator wanted to increase the number of high rollers that would have access to its various gambling venues by making it easier for players to enter the country. Now that Immigration New Zealand has launched its own deal with China Southern Airlines, citizens are concerned that the government is in the pocket of SkyCity.

This news comes shortly after the announcement that government has relaxed gambling laws to allow for SkyCity to install up to 500 new poker machines. In return, the casino operator would build Auckland’s new convention centre, a project which will cost $350 million. With these types of deals taking place, residents wonder if SkyCity has an unfair influence on the local government.

Both SkyCity and Immigration New Zealand have denied claims that they worked together on the new China Southern Airlines deal. However, opposition is still strong, as politicians and residents worry that the deal would welcome a potential increase in casino-related crime.

Full Tilt Poker Back Online

It has been months in the making, but Full Tilt Poker has finally made its triumphant return to the online poker world. The site re-launched this week, and was met with a big welcome from former players. The online poker site looks forward to a successful future in the gambling market and is pleased to announce a number of new features.

Since it has been nearly two years since Full Tilt Poker was a functioning online poker website, its developers have been working hard to ensure that its software can compete with today’s leaders in the market. As such, several beneficial new features have been added to ensure that players have a convenient online gambling experience.

Some little things that you will notice are improved lobbies, providing players with more information about the games and tournaments that are presented to them. Players can also pre-select where they are seated in any tournament or cash game – another small but extremely convenient feature.

New tournaments are also making their debut at Full Tilt. You can take part in Double Chance and Triple Chance tournaments, which present players with the option to rebuy without the extra cost. Rush Poker also returns with brand new tournaments, bringing a whole new meaning to the term ‘fast-fold’ poker.

New Zealand poker player will be pleased with the new online offering from Full Tilt Poker. We highly recommended giving the new site a try.

Super Brothel To Be Built Near SkyCity

The Chow Group is rubbing plenty of New Zealand residents the wrong way with its proposal for a new ‘super brothel, planned to be built across by SkyCity Auckland. The 15-storey building has received the go-ahead from the local planning committee, although locals are not pleased with the news – and they will be making their voices heard at a council meeting to be held this month.

The plan for super brothel is a multi-storey building, with a hotel, office buildings and restaurants. The brothel will be hosted on one of the floors, while the rest of the building will serve other purposes, for work and entertainment.

Chow Group’s plans have checked out with the local planning committee, as the building will not harm the environment or interfere with current infrastructure. However, the local community still needs to pass judgement on the new venue. 220 submissions have been made in opposition to the plan, and the individuals behind them will be speaking out this month.

There is no word yet on whether SkyCity of any of its representatives have made submissions, although the company did not seem very pleased when the idea was introduced in February 2012. SkyCity issued a statement, calling the venue inappropriate as it would be placed in a tourist centre, but the company has no spoken out in response to the council’s approval of the venue.