IGT Launches Breakfast at Tiffany’s Slots Game

A fun and exciting new slot machine is available from IGT, based on the classic romance movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The casino developer has decided to take a different route from most other designers who create branded slots games; rather than basing its titles on superheroes and action stars, IGT is taking a more mature approach.

But, that doesn’t mean that the game is lacking in fun winning opportunities. Breakfast At Tiffany’s makes incredible use of the touch screen features available on IGT’s new cabinets. For example, one of the bonus rounds requires players to pet Cat while another asks them to type on Paul’s keyboard. This is a new feature that other slot machine developers have yet to employ, and you can try it first by playing Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

There are two separate base games that players can try: Holly’s and Paul’s. Each game offers players separate prizes, doubling the winning potential with every spin they make.

Bonus features are also plentiful. Cat appears on the screen to turn regular symbols into bonus symbols and there are other offscreen bonuses available as well. For example, players can steal prizes from the Five and Dime and take alcoholic shots for extra credits!

Concerns Arise Over Facebook’s Online Gambling Service

Earlier this month, a rumour was leaked that Facebook would be offering online gambling applications to its users. The news was generally received well by gaming operators and casino fans; however, parents are now catching on to the news and are none-too-pleased with the possibility of Facebook offering online gambling.

The main concern among parents is underage gambling. Parents are worried that individuals under the age of 18 will be able to easily access online casino activities. Facebook applications are made to be incredibly convenient for users, and it is believed that children may has easy access to applications they should not be able to take part in.

Additionally, parents are worried that if children are not able to take part in gambling, they still may be encouraged to do so. Facebook applications allow users to share their information and progress with certain games, and if children only see their friends’ ‘achievements’, they will develop unhealthy and unrealistic ideas about gambling.

While these are all inherent risks of offering gambling via Facebook, the social networking site seems to be taking great precaution. Executives have been meeting with online gaming operators in order to ensure that the potential gambling applications are safe and secure for all Facebook users.

Online Casino Operators Excited About Facebook Gambling

Over the course of the past week, the internet has run rampant with rumours that Facebook is considering offering online gambling to its customers. The claims state that the social networking giant has been holding meeting with operators and affiliates in order to plan its strategy for entering the online casino world.

According to various reports, Facebook will be handing out licenses to less than ten online casino operators. It is rumoured that 888 is one of the operators that will be receiving one of Facebook’s first online gambling licenses.

If the reports are true, this is huge news for the online gambling market. Facebook is the most-visited website on the internet, reaching out to hundreds of millions of users everyday. Now, online gambling operators have access to this vast pool of users, able to offer them a convenient online casino experience.

Gambling activities have already proven themselves to be popular on Facebook. Zynga Poker and other play-for-free games have captured the attention of millions of players, and this just seems to be the next natural step for the social networking giant.

Microgaming Launches Vampire-Themed Slots Game

Vampires are so hot right now. Twilight, True Blood and the Vampire Diaries are just some of the most popular television and film series out at the moment, capturing the attention of a wide range of pop culture consumers. The trend has been around for a couple of years now, so we’re wondering why it has taken so long for the online gaming market to catch on.

Finally, Microgaming has launched a vampire-based game, which is aimed at anytime-gaming, rather than just for Halloween. The online gaming developer has stated that they were saving the best for last this year, and wanted to end the year on a high note with the release of this ‘blockbuster’ title. ‘Immortal Romance’ seems to be based on the Twilight movie series, featuring a plot centering on vampires in love.

Immortal Romance is an All Pays online slots game, which offers players 243 different ways to win each time they spin the reels. So, instead of wagering on individual paylines, players wager on the entire gaming board.

There are also several bonus features that players can take advantage of. The most popular seems to be the free spins feature, which provides up to 25 free spins in a single go. Players will also enjoy the incredible graphic design and engaging plot.

Gambling using smart-phones

Originally Posted on Friday Jul 1 16:28:00 BST 2011:

The London Guardian reported today that gambling, using new generation smart-phones, is on the rise.

Figures released from bookmaker Paddy Power show an increase of 34% in gamblers placing their bets through their phones.  Paddy Power said that their mobile revenues more than quadrupled during last year.

Betfair has seen its fair share of problems recently, but has still seen more than £1billion taken from mobile phones during the last financial year. This figure was taken from 168,000 people placing a bet from their phones, an increase of 122% on the previous year.

Technology is moving at such a pace that opportunities for online gambling grow and grow, with the people of New Zealand enjoying the ease of internet gaming as much as any other nation.

Online pokies are a favourite in New Zealand

Originally Posted on Monday Nov 15 3:37:00 GMT 2010

It is well known that New Zealanders enjoy gambling.

All the main New Zealand cities have a large, Vegas style, casinos, and every city right down to small town, has clubs and pubs with pokie machine rooms.

Pokies are a huge part of New Zealand culture.

In the modern computer-reliant world online pokies rival any pokie machine in a club or casino.

Internet casino software is so sophisticated with amazing graphics, colours and sounds that it is easy to enjoy the sights and sounds online in the same way as enjoying land-based games.

Land-based casinos have suffered in recent years due to the increased availability of online gaming, and online pokies are amongst the most popular games in New Zealand.