Three card poker is becoming one the most popular card games at both live and online casinos. This simplified variation of traditional poker pits players against the dealer for their chance to win great cash prizes. Very little previous gambling knowledge is required, but the game promises to offer the same excitement as the more complex traditional poker variation.

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The game starts when each player makes their Ante wager. Players can then look at their hands and determine whether or not they would like to continue playing or fold. If they choose to fold, their Ante bet is forfeited. If they want to continue, they must make a Play bet, which is equal to the initial Ante wager. The dealer then reveals his or her hand, which much be greater than Queen-high to qualify. If the player’s hand beats the dealer, they win a cash prize which varies depending on the strength of their hand.

Since each player is only dealt three cards, there are only a few hands that can be made: straight flush, three of a kind, straight, flush, pair or high card. Players can also make a side bet, wagering on the possibility that their hand will contain a pair or higher hand ranking.

In order to secure a winning outcome, Three Card Poker players are encouraged to play hands that are greater than Q-6-4. This ensures that the will beat the dealer whenever his or her hand does not qualify. Players should always make play bets when they have a pair or higher and the Pair Plus sidebet option is also encouraged to help players increase their profits in the long run.

There is a popular variation of Three Card Poker called Prime. This sidebet game allows players to wager in the colour of the cards. If all three of the player’s cards are of the same colour, they win a 3-to-1 payout; if the dealer and players cards are the same colour, they win a 4-to-1 payout. Another sidebet option gives players the chance to wager on the strength of the combined 6-card hand created by both the dealer and the player’s cards. Payouts range from 1000-to-1 for a royal flush to 5-to-1 for three-of-a-kind.

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