One complaint that land-based casino goers have about online gambling websites is that it lacks the face-to-face interaction that players have with their dealers. As such, they believe that online casinos fail to produce an air of realism, causing the online gambling experience to lack the same excitement one would have in a traditional gambling venue.

However, casino operators have cleverly addressed the gripe with the creation of ‘live dealer’ casino games. Real, live casino dealers are broadcast via webcam, so players can directly interact with them. They have become incredibly popular among online casino goers, and many online gambling websites have live casino offerings.

Of the casinos we review on this site, the best ones for live dealer are Grand Reef Casino and

Some online gambling skeptics refuse to trust casino games that are dealt using computer software. Although they run on heavily-regulated random number generations, which ensure ever card, dice roll and wheel spin are randomized, some players would rather have their games dealt by real people. With live dealer casinos, this is made possible. Players watch as the live dealer rolls the dice, spins the wheel or deals the cards. They can ensure that no foul-play is taking place, just as they would in a land-based casino.

Live dealer casinos also present advantages to players who have not played particular games in land-based casinos. It gives them a chance to see how the game would be played out if they were at a real casino, so they can be prepared for the next time they decide to play roulette or craps in person.

There is a wide range of live dealer games available on the internet. Initially, blackjack and roulette were the only games that had live dealers, but the range has expanded over the years. Now, you can find craps, baccarat and even pai gow poker with live dealers in the online gambling world.

Live dealer casino games can be found at a wide range of online gambling websites across the internet. For example, Grand Reef online casino offers a great selection of live casino games, including Baccarat, Blackjack, French Roulette and Hold ‘Em Poker. The software runs quickly and smoothly, creating an experience that faithfully recreates playing with a real dealer at a land-based casino.

Of the casinos we review on this site, the best ones for live dealer are Grand Reef Casino and

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