Here at Online Casinos NZ we like to keep you up to give you the best chance of winning by offering you tips and strategy guides and what we can’t offer yourselves we’ll point you in the direction of sites that can…

We like to gamble for fun, for the most part and don’t like to give in depth strategy on individual games – that feels more like work than pleasure to us, however, having been in and around the industry for a few years there are some basic rules that we like to follow to make our online casino experience as enjoyable as possible.

Try games in demo mode first
You’ll give yourself the best chance of having an enjoyable gambling experience if you know how to play the game properly – be it slots, blackjack or video poker, get to know the game in demo first so you’re not wasting money learning to play.

Read the Ts & Cs on any bonus
If a bonus seems too good to be true, it’s probably because it is! Really big bonuses will ofter come with very large wagering requirements attached (especially if you like games like blackjack). Some of these bonuses actually won’t let you withdraw money until requirements have been played though and you might have to play games you are not familiar with in order to satisfy the requirements. Having said that some bonuses can be very good and very generous… It’s all about selecting the right ones.

Mix up your game play
If you are having a bad run on a certain game – don’t torture yourself, give it a break and try something else. Always get familiar with a few games so that you have back ups with things aren’t going to plan on your game of choice.

Don’t play progressives all the time
Progressives are great fun and offer the opportunity to win the sort of cash that could change your life – for this reason they are always worth having a punt on. However because of the nature of progressives the house edge is always going to larger than most other casino games (every time you wager you are contributing to the jackpot fund)… For this reason don’t play progressives all the time.

Don’t play well know ‘brand games’ all the time
I’m talking about games based on Hollywood films or comic book character here… The reason I recommend this is that the casino will be paying a royalty to the licence-owner, which will probably mean the games house edge will be upped to pay for it.

Learn strategy on low margin games
Learning strategy for low margin games like Blackjack and Baccarat is the best way to make your bank roll go a long way and even make a bit of money.

Only play online casino with money you can afford to lose
An obvious one really, you should always practice responsible gambling and play because you are enjoying it.

If you are after really in depth strategy on individual games I’d recommend checking out the Wizard of Odds website, it has incredibly in depth info and strategy on each game – much more comprehensive than anything we could offer here.

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