Five Auckland Players Take Home Lotto Prize

It is a fine day in Auckland today, as five lucky winners from the city have struck the huge jackpot offered by the NZ Lotto. What you would normally think is that all five players bought into a lottery pool; however, that’s not the case – each player has won a separate prize!

Two players in the City of Sails won $500 000 from the Lotto First Division while two Strike Four winners won $750 000. The final winner was a student from Auckland who took home to $1 million grand prize from the Winning Wheel.

Daniel is the first million-dollar winner for 2012, and still can’t believe he’s won the prize. He is a student from China, who has been studying English in Auckland for the past three years. He is into video games and soccer, and wants to study to become an electricians. He plans on using some of his winnings for his schooling.

There are even bigger prizes up for grabs next week, as the Lotto Powerball Jackpot will be up to $14 million. We anticipate there will be some very lucky wins for this draw, as players from across the vie for the chance to claim this impressive cash prize.

Auckland Casino Launches High Roller Rooms

Normally, land-based casinos appeal to a general clientele, offering games that are ideal for a wide range of budgets. High rollers are normally confined to small areas of land-based casinos, but Star City changed things up recently. Over the course of the Rugby World Cup, the Auckland casino took great measures to appeal to high roller guests.

All VIP gambling was moved to the fifth floor, which was isolated from the rest of the casino. The only way into the area was via a controlled elevator that would only work for those with the appropriate access cards.

Players were able to wager up to $150 000 a hand and spend up to $4 million over the course of the weekend. These marked the highest limits that any land-based casino in Australia and New Zealand had ever seen.

Those in attendance were local millionaires and billionaires as well as international VIPs. Because of the immense social and financial status of guests, the local gambling commission was worried that patrons would be too intimated to approach patrons if they noticed suspicious or dangerous gambling behaviour. The casino’s operator, however, assured them that staff in the VIP rooms were trained at a higher level and able to deal with such issues.