Does Facebook Encourage Underage Gambling?

Facebook is the premiere provider of social games. The platform offers players around the world a vast collection of fun titles that can be shared with friends; however, there are concerns that these games could encourage underage gambling.

According to NewsTalk ZB, many cases of underage gambling begin on the internet. Although sites like Facebook do not require players to spend any money in order to play, many of the titles are based on casino games (ie. Zynga Poker, Double Down Casino). Children have access to these play-money casino games, which exposes them to gambling.

Additionally, play-money games can be more harmful than actual casino games. Since players do not lose real cash, inexperienced gamblers may develop unrealistic perceptions about gambling.

“They often get onto Facebook,” says Dr. Sean Sullivan. “There’s a huge amount of gambling available on there and it’s called gaming”.

Many recent studies in New Zealand have shown that simply exposing children to gambling can lead to their development of gambling problems later on in life. As such, social games inadvertently contribute to the problem.

New Tarzan and Jane Slots from Aristocrat

The online gambling market is full of amazing designers and developers. IGT has emerged as one of these incredible brands, providing players with a high-quality gambling experience based on the wide range of games it offers. The company is always releasing new and exciting titles, and IGT seems to be on a roll with its latest slots, titled Tarzan & Jane Forbidden Temple.

This new slots game is based on IGT’s original Tarzan Slot, King of the Jungle. It features some of the features you grew to love from the original while implementing some cool new aspects that a wide range of players will enjoy.

Firstly, there are two sets of reels available: one for Tarzan and one for Jane. Both reels can be triggered by placing just one wager of 50 coins. This also means that players do not have to wager on individual paylines, making it a multi-way game, so players can access all paylines with each spin. This makes the game even more exciting, as players pretty much double their chances of winning.

Players should also be well-aware that there are four progressive jackpots available. Aristocrat has not created many slots with multiple jackpots, but this is a great place to start. The highest jackpot resets at $100 000, so there are some very generous prizes to be won.

Woolworths Expands Gambling Business

Woolworths is one of the biggest supermarket brands in Australia and New Zealand. However, the company’s profits have recently waned, and Woolworths is now looking for additional sources of revenue in order to keep itself afloat.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Woolworths expansion into the gambling market has been more profitable than its original grocery business. The report states that for every dollar spent, the company made a 12% profit on gambling and alcohol products. Groceries only brought in a 4% profit.

Woolworths is already working with a number of hotels across Australia and New Zealand in order to earn gaming revenue, but seeing how profitable the market is, the company is ready to expand. So, Woolworths has announced that it will be acquiring seven new hotels in the Sydney area. The $60 million deal will be made with two of the most prominent families in the area: the de Angelis’ and the Waughs.

It seems that Woolworths is really getting serious about its place in the gambling market. Taking a look at how profitable gaming has been for the company in the past, it seems that this is the right decision for Woolworths, as it will certainly help to keep the company afloat.