BetSoft in Hot Water Over ‘Unfair’ Jackpots

The online casino market is heavily regulated by various organisations; so, it is not often that you hear of scandals in the industry. The vast majority of games developers and operators play by the rules, but sometimes one company manages to slip through the cracks. In this case, it is online slots developer BetSoft, who has allegedly been ‘rigging’ its online slots jackpots.

An affiliate site called Casino Listings has taken a stand against the games developer by publically exposing the developer. The site published several blogs, explaining the ways in which BetSoft games have been fixing their jackpots so that players are unable to cash in one the most generous prizes that are supposed to be on offer.

Towards the end of 2015, a user named BlackjackAA posted on the CasinoListings forum about the suspicious jackpots that he had come across on a BetSoft title called Greedy Goblins. He noticed that he was unable to trigger any prizes despite having played thousands of rounds – so, he decided to investigate.

What he found was a number of inconsistencies in which certain bet levels never paid out jackpots. Immediately, Casino Listings took over the investigation and started monitoring the games. Within months, the site’s owners noticed the same pattern: several bet level were unable to trigger jackpot prizes. Additionally, a number of Betsoft jackpots saw their payout frequencies change at exactly the same time. They noticed this suspicious activity right away, and published a warning for players.

While there is no official investigation of the issue, players are being warned about being careful while playing BetSoft slots. We wouldn’t go so far as to say stop playing them altogether, but it is important to be aware that there has been some very suspicious activity surrounding the developer’s jackpots.