SkyCity Auckland Player Faces Fines for Cheating

In casinos, millions of dollars are passed from player to player on a daily basis. So, it is no wonder that some casino staff and players feel the urge to take more than their fair share. Fortunately, New Zealand casino operators like Sky City are equipped with the sophisticated technology required to catch cheaters and their accomplices.

These sophisticated systems threw a wrench in the plans of Bo Du, a casino dealer that had worked at SkyCity for more than six years. She was only allowed to scam $50 000 from the casino by the time the casino operator discovered that she had been accepting cash gifts from patrons in return for manipulating the outcome of roulette games. She ensured that the ball dropped just before the betting ended, allowing her accomplices to wager on the correct outcome.

It did not take long before management discovered the operation. Du and several casino patrons were apprehended for their crimes. The former casino dealer was placed on house arrest and has been ordered to pay SkyCity $20 000 in damages. She has also been blacklisted from working at any other casino venue in the world. The penalties that the patrons received have yet to be announced.

Draft of SkyCity Convention Centre Inquiry Released

Ever since Prime Minister John Key announced his plans to allow SkyCity to build Auckland’s new convention centre in return for 500 new poker machines, the public has expressed concern. Many residents are worried that the local government is in the pocket of the casino operator while others believe that the deal would result in an increase in problem gambling. To address these questions and concerns, The Greens requested an inquiry into the issue. It has recently been released, with drafts being sent to relevant parties.

The Auditor General has spent the past six months drafting the inquiry. Normally, inquiries take up to 3 months; however, for complex cases, more time is required. As such, this inquiry is likely to contain a lot of information that the general public will need to know.

In addition to determining the feasibility of allowing SkyCity to build the new convention centre, the inquiry will also examine the potential for problem gambling rates to rise. It will also publish the potential benefits and drawbacks of the new convention centre deal, providing a well-rounded look at the situation.

“We consult as necessary on its contents to ensure that it is factually accurate and that the rights of any affected parties are properly protected,” says a spokesperson for the Office of the Auditor General.

Prime Minister John Key and SkyCity have received copies of the draft. However, Key states that he has not provided any feedback and nor has he spoken to SkyCity about it. Greens Leader Metiria Turei states that Key should take his time with this part of the inquiry process, as she is concerned that any announcements made on the subject during the holiday season will go unnoticed in the general public.

However, regardless of when the document is release, we are certain that residents will weigh in on the topic. This is an important issue for New Zealand citizens and they will certainly voice their opinions.

Super Brothel To Be Built Near SkyCity

The Chow Group is rubbing plenty of New Zealand residents the wrong way with its proposal for a new ‘super brothel, planned to be built across by SkyCity Auckland. The 15-storey building has received the go-ahead from the local planning committee, although locals are not pleased with the news – and they will be making their voices heard at a council meeting to be held this month.

The plan for super brothel is a multi-storey building, with a hotel, office buildings and restaurants. The brothel will be hosted on one of the floors, while the rest of the building will serve other purposes, for work and entertainment.

Chow Group’s plans have checked out with the local planning committee, as the building will not harm the environment or interfere with current infrastructure. However, the local community still needs to pass judgement on the new venue. 220 submissions have been made in opposition to the plan, and the individuals behind them will be speaking out this month.

There is no word yet on whether SkyCity of any of its representatives have made submissions, although the company did not seem very pleased when the idea was introduced in February 2012. SkyCity issued a statement, calling the venue inappropriate as it would be placed in a tourist centre, but the company has no spoken out in response to the council’s approval of the venue.

SkyCity’s Gambling Parents Discharged, One Convicted

Earlier this year, a huge scandal struck SkyCity Auckland, when security stumbled upon a van full of children, abandoned by their parents who had decided to spend the day gambling. The parents were arrested immediately, making headlines across the country – now, they have faced a local judge and decisions have been handed down for both the mother and the father, who have received name suppression.

Both parents were charged with child neglect – specifically, leaving a child under the age of 14 without supervision – but only one was convicted of the crime. The mother and the father were both discharged but only the mother got away without conviction. The father of the children has been found guilty of the crime, and his sentencing will take place later this year.

The judge’s reasons why only one party was convicted has not been revealed; however, some details about the court case have been shared, which shed some light on the situation. According to reports, the mother’s lawyer claimed that she is in the process of becoming a social worker, and a conviction would jeopardize her career plans. It seems unlikely that this argument is the entire reason she escaped conviction-free, but if the mother actually does have plans to become a social worker, she will need to set her priorities straight before pursuing this career path.