SkyCity Breakers Visit Christchurch

National Basketball Team SkyCity Breakers, sponsored by the national casino chain, will be visiting Christchurch to help lift the community’s spirits. It is an admirable effort from the sports team and the athletes are hopeful that it will result in some form of relief for the victims of the recent earthquake.

“So much of our focus as a club, as an organisation is about community and the work we can do to provide a pathway for young children”, says Richard Clarke, manager of the Breakers.

In the morning, the team will take a tour of the Red Zone, the area which was affected by the earthquake. It will help to provide the athletes with a realistic perception of just how devastating the earthquake was in the Christchurch region.

Then, in the afternoon, players will run coaching clinics. Local groups will be able to attend, having a chance to meet professional athletes and learn from them. It will be a very valuable experience for young players who have dreams of becoming basketball players.

The Breakers have provided a great deal of support to the area in the months since the earthquake. During this trying times, the community is truly grateful for the team’s dedication to helping young athletes in the area.

Gambling Participation Increases in Canterbury

Gambling rates are on the increase in Canterbury, after the recent earthquake that devastated the area. According to reports, residents of the area are using the activity as a form of escapism to avoid dealing with the severity of the disaster that has recently taken place. reports that the Department of Internal Affairs has published figures indicating that gambling rates have risen nearly 10% from this time last year. Thus, analysts have valid reason to believe that the earthquake is a major cause of this behaviour.

“The increase could well be attributed to the incredibly stressful year we’ve had here”, says Tony Milne of the Problem Gambling Foundation. “It’s no surprise that people are looking for relief from that stress or using pokies as escapism”.

Christchurch saw a similar response to its earthquake last year. Gambling rates rose significantly, and even months later, rates are still quite high.

The Problem Gambling Foundation is concerned about both the long- and short-term effects of these situations. It seems that residents need other forms of therapy in order to deal with the natural disasters they encounter, but few resources are available.

Earthquake Still Affecting Christchurch Casino

The earthquake happened months ago, but the aftershock is still being felt across Christchurch. Many businesses are having a difficult time recovering and returning back to normal operation, and insurance firms are not making things any easier. Insurance companies are introducing new policies and clauses that may seem a little unfair in the event of another natural disaster.

In Christchurch Casino’s casino, the operator has been forced to agree to a $5 million excess, as opposed to its previous $50 000 excess. This means that the casino operator must pay the first $5 million in damages, and then the insurance company will cover the rest.

While it is a great responsibility for the casino, there aren’t many other options. Should the operator choose to forego this coverage, Christchurch Casino runs the risk of not being insured at all.

Christchurch Casino may have gotten one of the better post-quake deals. Some companies cannot receive full coverage while others are being faced with no coverage policies, in which the insurance company will not pay for damage that occurs 24 – 72 hours after a natural disaster.

Casino Patrons Make Slow Return to Christchurch

It has been ten months since the earthquake, and businesses across Christchurch are still have trouble returning to their form glory. It seems that a decline in tourism and more cost-effective attitudes among residents have contributed to lost profits for local businesses, and casinos are among the most negatively affected.

Christchurch Casino has seen some of the worst financial effects of the earthquake. After reopening in May, profits had dropped by 30%. Now, in December, profits are still 15% lower than they were during this time last year.

Job losses among local residents have likely contributed to the situation. Locals have less money to spend on leisure activities, so casino and gambling spending have dropped. Additionally, tourist numbers are much lower than they were in the previous year, and tourism dollars are very valuable to casinos.

The demolition of hotels around the casino has also have detrimental effects on the casino’s business. With no places stay close by, fewer people are taking the trip out to Christchurch to visit the casino.

The casino’s operators, however, are confident that things will return to normal soon. They believe that Christmas will bring in an influx of business before a full financial recovery is made.