Sky City Community Trust Accepting Funding Applications

The Sky City Queenstown Community Trust is encouraging local charities to apply for funding. The trust provides local community organizations with upwards of $100 000 per year, paying for their operating costs, tools and services.

This year marks the trust’s 10-year anniversary. Over the course of the past ten years, the trust has paid out almost $1 million to more than 300 local charities and community groups. Last year alone, the trust awarded 39 different charities with $95 000 in funding. One of the groups that received funding was Queenstown Primary School, which received money needed to purchase computer technology for students.

“We’re extremely proud we’ve been able to help nearly 300 community groups through the donation of almost one million dollars since 2002”, says Michelle Baillie, General Manager of Sky City Queenstown.

With the proposed Harm Reduction Bill, the Queenstown Community Trust may even provide even more funding to local groups. The bill aims to double the amount of profits that poker machines donate to charity. As such, the Queenstown Community Trust may reach its next million-dollar milestone as soon as 2017.