First-Ever Real Money Gambling App for Facebook

GameSys will become the first developer to ever launch a real-money gambling application for Facebook. Its new game Bingo Friendzy offers players the ability to purchase tickets and win real cash prizes, just like they would at any other online bingo website.

It was only a matter of time before Facebook got involved in the online gambling market. For the past year, the company has been hinting at being interested in working in the real-money gambling world, and now the time has finally come.

Bingo Friendzy offers up the same online bingo experience that you would find at traditional bingo websites, as it is operated by Jackpot Joy. Since the company already has a success online casino and play-money Facebook application, it was the perfect choice for this ground-breaking application.

The operator knows what it takes to run a successful online bingo application but also has some very creative ideas when it comes to socializing.

The application is only available to UK players at the moment, and the site will use geo-location technology to determine all players are in the legal jurisdiction. Stringent ID verification will also ensure that all players are of the legal gambling age.

Concerns Arise Over Facebook’s Online Gambling Service

Earlier this month, a rumour was leaked that Facebook would be offering online gambling applications to its users. The news was generally received well by gaming operators and casino fans; however, parents are now catching on to the news and are none-too-pleased with the possibility of Facebook offering online gambling.

The main concern among parents is underage gambling. Parents are worried that individuals under the age of 18 will be able to easily access online casino activities. Facebook applications are made to be incredibly convenient for users, and it is believed that children may has easy access to applications they should not be able to take part in.

Additionally, parents are worried that if children are not able to take part in gambling, they still may be encouraged to do so. Facebook applications allow users to share their information and progress with certain games, and if children only see their friends’ ‘achievements’, they will develop unhealthy and unrealistic ideas about gambling.

While these are all inherent risks of offering gambling via Facebook, the social networking site seems to be taking great precaution. Executives have been meeting with online gaming operators in order to ensure that the potential gambling applications are safe and secure for all Facebook users.

Online Casino Operators Excited About Facebook Gambling

Over the course of the past week, the internet has run rampant with rumours that Facebook is considering offering online gambling to its customers. The claims state that the social networking giant has been holding meeting with operators and affiliates in order to plan its strategy for entering the online casino world.

According to various reports, Facebook will be handing out licenses to less than ten online casino operators. It is rumoured that 888 is one of the operators that will be receiving one of Facebook’s first online gambling licenses.

If the reports are true, this is huge news for the online gambling market. Facebook is the most-visited website on the internet, reaching out to hundreds of millions of users everyday. Now, online gambling operators have access to this vast pool of users, able to offer them a convenient online casino experience.

Gambling activities have already proven themselves to be popular on Facebook. Zynga Poker and other play-for-free games have captured the attention of millions of players, and this just seems to be the next natural step for the social networking giant.