Gambling Helplines Combine Forces

The issue of problem gambling has become quite prevalent in the online gambling community. Gambling reform has been presented as a suitable solution, but education and counselling are also needed to make the initiative successful. As such, two helplines in New Zealand have joined forces to take on this cause.

Kidsline and Gambling Helpline have decided to start working together in order to tackle the problem together. Being the most popular helplines in New Zealand, it seems appropriate that they would partner up, covering most of the area affected by rising problem gambling rates.

A product of this partnership is the establishment of the Gambling Helpline Youth Program. As part of this initiative, Kidsline and Gambling Helpline will work together to provide targeted guidance for children and teens who are concerned about their parents’ gambling behaviour.

Problem gambling education starts at home, and children should be made well-aware of the consequences of becoming addicted to gambling. By helping youth deal with their families’ problems, the two helplines will help stop problem gambling at the root of the problem.