Changes to Microgaming’s Bad Beat Jackpot Pay Off

Bad beat jackpots are becoming increasingly rare in the online casino world, since interest in progressive poker jackpots seems to be dying out. This month, Microgaming attempted to revive interest in bad beat jackpots by making quite a few changes to its network, and they seem to be paying out.

According to PokerFuse, since the new jackpot program was launched, Microgaming has paid out twice in two days. The new format ensures that more players can cash in on the jackpot prize, which will definitely attract more players to Microgaming’s poker network.

“With the introduction of our new Bad Beat Jackpot, we solve the problem of liquidity segmentation seen in other Bad Beat Jackpots, and make the whole promotion accessible to all MPN players,” says Lydia Melton, Microgaming’s Head of Network Games.

The first progressive prize was awarded to a player named TiltShove. They won $450 000 after losing a bad beat while the rest of the table split the remaining $250 000. Two days later, a player who lost four-of-a-kind 2s to four-of-a-kind 6s won a $360 000 bad beat jackpot prize. The qualifying hand for most bad beat jackpots is usually quad 8s, but Microgaming has made it easier for victims of bad beats to cash in on generous prizes.

Microgaming Introduces Blaze Poker to Mobile

Fast-fold poker is the latest trend in the online gambling world. Offering players the chance to instantly receive a new hand after folding, these types of applications are popular among poker players with a taste for fast-paced action. Now, players can take their fast-fold gaming with them on the go. PokerStars recently launched Zoom Poker on mobile and now, Microgaming has done the same with Blaze Poker.

Blaze Poker is Microgaming’s own fast-fold poker application. Once players fold their hand at one table, they are taken to a new table and dealt a new hand. Players can take part in hundreds of hands per hour, multiplying their profits.

The application has led to a 33% growth in profits over the course of the past few months. So, it seems only natural that the operator would want to expand its reach. Mobile Blaze has yet to hit the mobile market place but Microgaming is enthusiastic about the venture.

“Microgaming is gearing up for the imminent launch of Blaze Mobile, which will offer its popular fast fold poker game variant to players, and soon-to-be introduced Mobile Bingo,” reads a statement from the company.

Microgaming Launches New HTML5 Slots

Although HTML5 has been around for quite some time, the programming language has yet to make its appearance in the online gambling market. Microgaming is finally introducing HTML5 to online casino fans, launching a new set of games on the platform.

HTML5 provides great benefits to casino developers, as it provides them with the ability to create programs for a wide range of device. It is especially useful when designing applications for both Mac and Android devices, as HTML5 can run on both systems. As each operating system earns a bigger market share, cross development has become increasingly important.

The new games that are available from Microgaming are Ladies Night and Spring Break, two multi-line mobile slots games that aim to entertain. Both games received a positive response in the online gambling market; so, they are likely to receive a great deal of attention on mobile devices like iPhones and iPads.

Ladies Night and Spring Break will be joining a roster of 75 existing mobile titles from Microgaming. From slots to table games, Microgaming’s mobile casino offers a diverse experience for players on the go.

New Blaze Poker from Microgaming

Microgaming is normally in the spotlight for releasing new and innovative online slots games; however, the company has recently made headlines for its new Blaze Poker application, the company’s answer to PokerStars’ Zoom Poker. It presents players around the internet with an alternative to PokerStars’ website, which specializes in poker games and no other online casino games.

The concept of Zoom Poker is quite simple. Each time a player folds a hand, they are moved to a new table where they are immediately dealt a new hand. Whereas most online poker games allow players to get in 130 hands per hour, Blaze Poker offers players the chance to be dealt into 300 or more.

Initially, Blaze Poker will be launched at Ladbrokes online casino and it won’t be long before other online casino operators pick up the game as well. It presents casino players with a great alternative to playing at a poker-only site like Full Tilt or Poker Stars; so, we anticipate that Blaze Poker will be highly successful in the online casino world.

Rumours Circulate About Removal of Lord of the Rings Slots

In the online casino world, Lord of the Rings online slots was one of the best games the market had seen in recent years. Designed by Microgaming, Lord of the Rings presented the online gambling market with a unique perspective on branded slots, using new technology to create an immersive online gaming experience.

Now, it seems that the game may not be around for much longer. Rumours are circulating which claim that Lord of the Rings online slots may be removed from Microgaming’s repertoire of games by the end of the month. With the recent success of the game, the news has come as a shock to the online gaming world.

As it stands, this is all hearsay, but internet forums are buzzing with the news. It seems that a few affiliates have been informed that the game will no longer be available at Microgaming-powered casinos. The information was leaked, and now internet gamblers are trying to get to the bottom of the issue.

While the removal of Lord of the Rings slots still remains to be seen, we will keep you updated with any developments with the story.

Microgaming Launches Vampire-Themed Slots Game

Vampires are so hot right now. Twilight, True Blood and the Vampire Diaries are just some of the most popular television and film series out at the moment, capturing the attention of a wide range of pop culture consumers. The trend has been around for a couple of years now, so we’re wondering why it has taken so long for the online gaming market to catch on.

Finally, Microgaming has launched a vampire-based game, which is aimed at anytime-gaming, rather than just for Halloween. The online gaming developer has stated that they were saving the best for last this year, and wanted to end the year on a high note with the release of this ‘blockbuster’ title. ‘Immortal Romance’ seems to be based on the Twilight movie series, featuring a plot centering on vampires in love.

Immortal Romance is an All Pays online slots game, which offers players 243 different ways to win each time they spin the reels. So, instead of wagering on individual paylines, players wager on the entire gaming board.

There are also several bonus features that players can take advantage of. The most popular seems to be the free spins feature, which provides up to 25 free spins in a single go. Players will also enjoy the incredible graphic design and engaging plot.