Zynga Inspires Mobile Gambling Market

Mobile gaming is a thriving industry. With a vast increase in the number of players taking part in mobile games from their smartphones and tablet computers, companies like Zynga have seen impressive financial growth. It has prompted them to enter into the real-money gambling world which has, in turn, inspired gambling operators to venture into mobile gambling.

Mobile devices have made it so that individuals have the desire to be entertained on a constant basis. As such, gaming has become incredibly popular, as mobile device users crave entertainment and activity while on the go.

Witnessing the substantial success of companies like Zynga in the mobile market, online casino developers are becoming more likely to offer their own mobile games. Microgaming has launched several titles already, but has been hesitant to expand. Now, seeing the success of mobile gaming is likely to inspire the operator to delve further into the mobile market.

Mobile betting has also served as a positive example for the rest of the online gambling world. Companies like TabCorp have noted that at least a quarter of their profits are coming from mobile activity, which serves as proof that mobile gambling is the next step forward for the market at large.

iPhone Opens Up to Mobile Gambling

The iPhone was previously was one of the last few platforms that existed without offering online gambling applications – but all that has recently changed, as Apple devices now support mobile casino games. It opens up a whole new audience up to the possibilities of gambling in the digital era, allowing players to access their favourite gambling activities from virtually anywhere.

Currently, there are a number of mobile applications available for the iPhone, offered by companies like William Hill, Betfair and PokerStars. Developers have seen the immense value of appealing to the Apple gaming market and have taken advantage of the opportunity. With mobile technology developing rapidly, there is plenty of room for growth.

“This is the biggest opportunity that game developers have had since the advent of the Internet,” Christopher Griffin of Betable said in an interview with The Financial Post.

In order to offer their games via the iTunes marketplace, online casino developers must comply with strict rules and regulations, including local gambling laws. As such, you can rest assured that playing at an Apple-approved gambling website will offer up a safe and secure mobile gambling experience.

HTML 5 Supported on All Slots New App

When it comes to playing at online casinos, most Apple users are out of luck. Many of the top online gambling sites run on Flash software and since Apple devices do not run this software, players are left out in the cold. However, Microgaming is looking to change that, beginning with its newest mobile offering from All Slots online casino. The new mobile casino application supports HTML 5, which means that Apple users can play online casino games while on the go.

With more and more internet users purchasing Apple devices, it is increasingly important for online gaming operators to take advantage of this market. While it may be difficult to appeal to Apple users, Microgaming has done its fair share of hard work in figuring it out. Now, the company can expect a lot more traffic, as its new offering will attract a whole new audience.

Initially, 11 games will be available on the new mobile gambling application. Slots like Tomb Raider and Thunderstruck can be played from iPads and iPhones while table games like blackjack and roulette are also available. As time goes on, Microgaming will release even more gaming options for iPad and iPhone users.

Developers Ready Themselves For Mobile Gaming Boom

Companies like Zynga and Electronic Arts have thrived in the online gaming market thanks to their quick uptake of the Facebook Games platform. Now, trend seems to be dying out and developers are getting ready for the next big thing in gaming: mobile.

The mobile market is currently quite popular, but it is only slowly taking over the lead currently held by social browser-based gaming. Over the course of the next few years, as Facebook and console games continue to suffer, mobile gaming will become the most popular choice for players.

According to a recent report by DFC Intelligence, mobile gaming will contribute $15 million to the overall growth of the worldwide gaming market. Although most of the games are free to download or only cost a few dollars, the vast number of players taking part makes mobile gaming a lucrative market. So, it is no wonder why so many developers are eager to get in on it.

Gambling companies are also looking forward to the mobile gaming boom. Operators like Spin Palace and PokerStars have already launched mobile gambling applications, and we can anticipate that many more companies will follow suit.

Firm Predicts Lucrative Future For Mobile Betting Market

It has come as no surprise that the mobile gaming market has become a huge hit. From social games to gambling activities, smart phone and tablet computer users around the world are using the mobile devices every day to compete in some way. According to research firm Juniper Research, mobile gambling is the fastest growing form of mobile entertainment and sees a bright future ahead of it.

The mobile gambling market has seen impressive growth over the course of the past few years. Taking in $13 billion in wagers proves that the market has arrived, and shows no signs of disappearing anytime soon. In fact, most sportsbooks are now depending on at least half of their profits to be generated by the mobile market.

We saw the beginnings to this revolution in during the 2010 World Cup. There was a vast increase in live mobile betting, as spectators could wager on the games while at the local bar or pub. Fortunately, it wasn’t just a fad, and the market has continued to thrive.

The mobile betting market has seen so much success that Juniper Research anticipates that it will be worth $45 billion by the year 2017. The firm also anticipates that other forms of mobile gambling, including mobile poker and mobile casino games, will generate an additional $55 billion by that time.

Smartphones Allow for Underage Exposure to Gambling

In New Zealand, a major concern is the issue of underage gambling. Many recent reports have shown that children across the country are getting their starts in the gambling industry from a very early age, and politicians are discouraging parents from purchasing lottery tickets for their children and allowing them to take part in home games.

However, there is one situation that cannot be controlled by parents: mobile gambling. With the advent of smartphones, more children than ever have access to mobile gambling apps – and parents cannot stop them from taking part in poker and casino games on their mobile phones.

In the mobile gaming world, children are exposed to gambling activities. Three of the top 5 apps in the iTunes App Market are gambling-related, and there is nothing stopping children from downloading them.

Although they are free-play games, they expose children to gambling from a very early age. The major concern with this is that early exposure can foster the development of unhealthy gambling habits. It also portrays gambling in an unrealistic way, as allowing players to use play money distances them from the real world impacts of playing casino games.

Apple Beating Out Android in Mobile Gaming

Last year, there was talk that Android was going to dominate the mobile gaming market; however, this year has seen Apple forge ahead of the Google-powered mobile operating system. According to recent reports, Apple now has 84% of the mobile gambling market, leaving Android in its dust.

Over the course of the past year, the mobile gaming market has increased from 75 million to 101 million. The majority of users (69%) take part in mobile games via their smartphones while the remainder use their tablet computers.

What’s most important about these statistics is that more users are paying to play mobile games. This is because by joining the Apple Marketplace, you are automatically required to enter your payment details. This makes it much easier for players to purchase games; as such, paying mobile players has increased by 35% over the course of the past year to $37 million.

This is great news for online gambling operators, as companies like Microgaming, PokerStars and Aristocrat have launched their own mobile applications. With mobile and social gaming on the rise via Apple, we will certainly see an increase in the mobile gambling world.

Sony Competes in Mobile Gaming Market

Sony has recently announced that its latest handheld console will support Skype. The company has been working with Skype over the course of the past few months to launch an application that will be available on PlayStation’s new PS Vita device. While smartphones and tablet computers currently rule the mobile gaming world, this new development is expected to put Sony back in the running.

The new Skype application will take advantage of the PS Vita’s dual camera capability; so, players will be able to make video and voice calls. The application will also run in the background, so players can accept calls while they are playing games.

These features work together to help make the PS Vita a contender in the mobile gambling market. Currently, smartphones and tablet computers like the iPhone and iPad rule the market, as they offer users the ability to play high-quality games, browse the internet and make phone calls.

Now, the PS Vita will support all of the same capabilities. This is expected to start a new trend in the handheld gaming industry. Rumours currently claim that XBOX is also in talks with Skype to offer a similar application; so, it may not be long before mobile communication is a staple in the handheld console market.

Poker Stars Launches Mobile Gambling Application

It seems that iTunes is becoming increasingly lenient about its online gambling regulations. Previously, the company would not allow developers to sell real-money gambling applications in its marketplace, causing Full Tilt Poker’s Rush Poker app to be banned. Now, just a year later, Poker Stars has been allowed to launch its own online gambling application.

Poker Stars mobile allows players to compete in poker games from their mobile phones. At the moment, only Texas Hold ‘Em and Omaha are available. However, players can take part in cash games, tournaments and different limit variations of the game.

There are some other great features that players can take advantage of. Firstly, players can multi-table, accessing up to 5 tables at once. Players also have access to their hand histories and all of their account information with a touch of their screen.

The new Poker Stars mobile application rolled out in Italy first before being brought to the United Kingdom. It is likely that the application will be introduced to other markets around the world and New Zealand residents are keeping their fingers crossed. With online gambling laws in review, it doesn’t seem so unlikely.