Developers Ready Themselves For Mobile Gaming Boom

Companies like Zynga and Electronic Arts have thrived in the online gaming market thanks to their quick uptake of the Facebook Games platform. Now, trend seems to be dying out and developers are getting ready for the next big thing in gaming: mobile.

The mobile market is currently quite popular, but it is only slowly taking over the lead currently held by social browser-based gaming. Over the course of the next few years, as Facebook and console games continue to suffer, mobile gaming will become the most popular choice for players.

According to a recent report by DFC Intelligence, mobile gaming will contribute $15 million to the overall growth of the worldwide gaming market. Although most of the games are free to download or only cost a few dollars, the vast number of players taking part makes mobile gaming a lucrative market. So, it is no wonder why so many developers are eager to get in on it.

Gambling companies are also looking forward to the mobile gaming boom. Operators like Spin Palace and PokerStars have already launched mobile gambling applications, and we can anticipate that many more companies will follow suit.

Apple Beating Out Android in Mobile Gaming

Last year, there was talk that Android was going to dominate the mobile gaming market; however, this year has seen Apple forge ahead of the Google-powered mobile operating system. According to recent reports, Apple now has 84% of the mobile gambling market, leaving Android in its dust.

Over the course of the past year, the mobile gaming market has increased from 75 million to 101 million. The majority of users (69%) take part in mobile games via their smartphones while the remainder use their tablet computers.

What’s most important about these statistics is that more users are paying to play mobile games. This is because by joining the Apple Marketplace, you are automatically required to enter your payment details. This makes it much easier for players to purchase games; as such, paying mobile players has increased by 35% over the course of the past year to $37 million.

This is great news for online gambling operators, as companies like Microgaming, PokerStars and Aristocrat have launched their own mobile applications. With mobile and social gaming on the rise via Apple, we will certainly see an increase in the mobile gambling world.