25th Anniversary Promotion for NZ Lotto

A 25-year anniversary is a big even for anyone, and the New Zealand lottery wants to celebrate its quarter-century anniversary in style. This weekend, the NZ Lotto will be hosting an exciting event, giving away $7.5 million worth of cash prizes to some very lucky players.

As part of the promotion, the NZ Lotto is awarding players extra prizes. All tickets purchased between August 13th and August 25th will be entered into a special prize draw, in which several million-dollar prizes will be awarded.

“We believe it’s the biggest-ever promotion in New Zealand history, with a total of $8 million up for grabs,” says Wayne Pickup of NZ Lotto.

Three grand prizes worth $1 million will be paid out on August 25th. In addition, there will be another thousand winners, earning prizes between $2500 and $100 000. 25 instant prizes were also made available, awarding players as soon as they purchased their lottery tickets.

There is only one day left in the promotion, so don’t miss out on your chance to win big. Plenty of fantastic prizes are up for grabs, so your chances of winning are better than ever this week!

Lottery Fraud Remanded

A woman who attempted to commit fraud with a stolen lottery ticket has been remanded this week. A Christchurch judge has requested that she return to court on April 27th, but in the meantime, she is out on bail.

The culprit is Ivy Marie Rolleston of Hoon Hay. She was formerly a lottery operator at a local BP, where she sold lottery tickets and cashed out small prizes. After years of taking on the position, it seems as though she gained enough confidence to believe that she would be able to pull off lottery fraud scheme.

She had attempted to have a third party cash out a lottery ticket that she – herself – had not purchased. Unfortunately for her, the plan did not go as planned, and she was caught by local authorities.

Rolleston is facing charges of attempting to dishonestly use a document in addition for four other accounts of theft. While this situation has not been seen very often across New Zealand, it has happened quite a few times around the world. Lotteries in Canada, Europe and the United States have enacted strict rules and regulations to ensure that lottery retailers cannot commit fraud – and it seems as though New Zealand may have to do the same.

Lotto Winner Trevor Spends Big on Cars

A local man who only goes by the name Trevor recently made headlines when he won a $26 million jackpot from a lucky PowerBall draw. He shocked the general public when he announced that he would return to work as a grocery store clerk the next day, but he did not keep his promise – and who can blame him? Now, the media watches his every move, as Trevor has been dubbed the country’s most eligible bachelor.

According to a report in the Otago Daily Times, he has purchased two new cars, one of which is a HSV Maloo 2011 high-performance ute with a Corvette engine. It reportedly costs $70 000. He is also rumoured to be in talks with local dealers about purchasing a Dodge Viper.

While Trevor initially had a down-to-Earth image, some people are concerned that the win is going to his head – but we can’t blame him. So what if Trevor is purchasing expensive cars? I’m sure most people would do the same when faced with a lottery win this big. However, it may have been in Trevor’s best interest not to go public with his win – as he now has all of New Zealand’s media reporting on every purchase he makes.

Lotto Jackpot Up to $22 Million

The NZ Lotto Powerball jackpot has gone another week without being won by a lucky New Zealander. Fortunately, this means that the jackpot can continue to grow over the course of the coming weeks, making for some very exciting draws with high lottery sales. This week’s jackpot was $20 million, but since the prize was not won, it means that it will rise to $22 million for next week.

Large lottery jackpots mean great things all around. Players across the country are excited about the prospect of winning huge jackpot prizes, causing lottery sales to skyrocket. A recent report revealed that the biggest earnings for the NZ Lotto result when there is a multi-million dollars jackpot up for grabs, and this will certainly result in that situation taking place yet again.

The last time the Powerball was won was in December. One lucky player took home a jackpot prize of $5.5 million. Ever since then, the prize has gone unclaimed and the jackpot has just continued to rise. The last time a multi-million dollar jackpot was in April 2011, when $35 million was won. Two lucky players split the prize, and set a record for the NZ Lotto.

NZ Lotto Pays Out ‘Confusing’ $1 Million Win

The New Zealand Lotteries Commission has paid out what its winner calls a ‘confusing’ prize worth $1 million. According to the NZ Lotto website, a man from Manukau was under the impression that he had won a chance to win the $1 Million Wheel when his ticket showed the winning numbers. Fortunately for him, he was just a little confused, and actually won the entire $1 million prize!

On the weekend lottery draw during the week of January 7th, he picked his numbers as he normally would. After matching six numbers, he took his ticket to a lottery retailer, who told him that he had won $1 million. Possibly out of disbelief, possibly out of sheer excitement, the man misheard the clerk; he was under the impression that he would be going on to spin the $1 Million Winning Wheel on live television.

He called the NZ Lotteries Commission to confirm his prize, and did not believe the representative who told him that he had, indeed won the cash prize for $1 million. It wasn’t until the funds had been transferred to his account that he finally decided to go out and celebrate his win!