NZ Lotto Celebrates 25 Years

This week, the New Zealand Lotto celebrated its 25th anniversary. Over two decades worth of important milestones were commemorated, as the lottery announced its achievements since 1987. It is certainly an ideal model for a national lottery, a fact which is highlighted by its longevity.

The New Zealand Lottery was established in 1987. In its 25 years of existence, the lottery has generated billions of dollars in profits, winnings and charitable donations. The lottery has spawned several different games and has become the most popular form of gambling in the country; so, we predict that it has another good 25 years ahead of itself.

Since 1987, the New Zealand Lottery has awarded more than $6 billion in prizes to over 200 million winners. Over 5000 individuals cashed in tier-one top prizes and the company’s instant-lottery tickets have made millionaires out of nearly 100 lucky winners.

While the company has done well for itself over the years, it has also done good for the community. The New Zealand Lottery has donated over $3 billion of its profits to local charities and not-for-profit organizations. Health, education and social programs have benefited from the New Zealand Lottery since 1987, and the lottery is committed to bettering the local community.

Lottery Spending on the Rise

Across New Zealand lottery spending has been on the rise, thanks to the number of large jackpots that have been offered over the course of the past few months. According to a report in the New Zealand Herald, pokies spending may be down but lottery spending is way up.

The report cites research conducted by Roy Morgan which has found a 4% increase in lottery buyers over the course of one year. The statistics show that 56% of adults over the age of 18 bought lottery tickets in 2011 while just 52% bought lottery tickets the year before.

While the local lottery is considered to be less harmful than poker machines and other forms of casino gambling, the Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand is concerned about the behaviour of lottery ticket buyers. While numbers are on the rise, the organization is not concerned about the population of lottery players; rather, they are focused on the number of players who purchase lottery tickets but cannot afford to do so.

The most growth for the local lottery has been seen when jackpots hit more than $15 million. It is at this point that lottery sales surge, as more individuals buy multiple tickets for their chance to win big.

Lottery Fraud Remanded

A woman who attempted to commit fraud with a stolen lottery ticket has been remanded this week. A Christchurch judge has requested that she return to court on April 27th, but in the meantime, she is out on bail.

The culprit is Ivy Marie Rolleston of Hoon Hay. She was formerly a lottery operator at a local BP, where she sold lottery tickets and cashed out small prizes. After years of taking on the position, it seems as though she gained enough confidence to believe that she would be able to pull off lottery fraud scheme.

She had attempted to have a third party cash out a lottery ticket that she – herself – had not purchased. Unfortunately for her, the plan did not go as planned, and she was caught by local authorities.

Rolleston is facing charges of attempting to dishonestly use a document in addition for four other accounts of theft. While this situation has not been seen very often across New Zealand, it has happened quite a few times around the world. Lotteries in Canada, Europe and the United States have enacted strict rules and regulations to ensure that lottery retailers cannot commit fraud – and it seems as though New Zealand may have to do the same.

What Do Lottery Winners Spend Their Money On?

A recent report in the Bay of Plenty Times covers the issue of lottery winners and how they choose to spend their money. While we all say that we would purchase new homes and cars, there are some people who have given the question a bit more thought – and a recent study examines what those individuals would purchase.

The study found some very interesting answers, with people choosing to live out obscure dreams with their potential winnings. For example, one person wanted to build a motor bike track in his backyard while another wanted to have a life-time supply of new bed linens every night. Some answers were even more obscure, as people would purchase castles and exotic reptiles.

However, when someone actually does win the lottery, their spending seems to be a bit more grounded. One recently interviewed lottery winner paid for an expensive fertility treatment, while another funding a gastric bypass operation. Some conquests were even simpler, such as buying a Rolex watch or a pair of Prada shoes.

So, what would you purchase if you won the lottery this week? Send us a comment or an email to let us know how you would spend your winnings.

Lotto Jackpot Up to $22 Million

The NZ Lotto Powerball jackpot has gone another week without being won by a lucky New Zealander. Fortunately, this means that the jackpot can continue to grow over the course of the coming weeks, making for some very exciting draws with high lottery sales. This week’s jackpot was $20 million, but since the prize was not won, it means that it will rise to $22 million for next week.

Large lottery jackpots mean great things all around. Players across the country are excited about the prospect of winning huge jackpot prizes, causing lottery sales to skyrocket. A recent report revealed that the biggest earnings for the NZ Lotto result when there is a multi-million dollars jackpot up for grabs, and this will certainly result in that situation taking place yet again.

The last time the Powerball was won was in December. One lucky player took home a jackpot prize of $5.5 million. Ever since then, the prize has gone unclaimed and the jackpot has just continued to rise. The last time a multi-million dollar jackpot was in April 2011, when $35 million was won. Two lucky players split the prize, and set a record for the NZ Lotto.

NZ Lotto Pays Out ‘Confusing’ $1 Million Win

The New Zealand Lotteries Commission has paid out what its winner calls a ‘confusing’ prize worth $1 million. According to the NZ Lotto website, a man from Manukau was under the impression that he had won a chance to win the $1 Million Wheel when his ticket showed the winning numbers. Fortunately for him, he was just a little confused, and actually won the entire $1 million prize!

On the weekend lottery draw during the week of January 7th, he picked his numbers as he normally would. After matching six numbers, he took his ticket to a lottery retailer, who told him that he had won $1 million. Possibly out of disbelief, possibly out of sheer excitement, the man misheard the clerk; he was under the impression that he would be going on to spin the $1 Million Winning Wheel on live television.

He called the NZ Lotteries Commission to confirm his prize, and did not believe the representative who told him that he had, indeed won the cash prize for $1 million. It wasn’t until the funds had been transferred to his account that he finally decided to go out and celebrate his win!

$6 Million Lotto Win in Auckland

A $6 million jackpot was paid out earlier this week via the New Zealand’s Powerball Lottery. An elderly man in his 60s is the lucky recipient of this prize, which is one of the biggest NZ Lotto jackpots in recent history.

According to the lottery retailer, the winner was a regular customer, purchasing a lottery ticket with the same numbers every week. He lives locally and is believed to be retired, and the retailer is pleased to that one of his best customers has won this life-changing sum of money.

In addition to his $6 million jackpot, the winner also claimed an additional $150 000 prize, which was won from the Lotto First Division. Six other winners from across the country also won the $150 000 First Division prize, as well.

It is always uplifting to hear about these impressive lottery wins. When local residents win millions of dollars, earning the opportunity to change their lives for the better, it is always a positive thing and we are pleased to report these stories.

NZ Lotto tickets can be bought in stores and online. A new NZ Lotto site has been launched, which allows of-age customers to buy lottery tickets and play other casino games.