InterCasino Gives Away Walk-On Role in Film

Summer is always the time of year when blockbuster movies are released. So, there is no better time for InterCasino’s InterMovieStar promotion. As part of this incredible promotion, InterCasino will be awarding one lucky player with a walk-on role in a Hollywood movie.

To enter the promotion, all you have to do is enter the bonus code ‘ROLE’ each time you deposit $25 at the online casino. After wagering that cash, you’ll receive one entry into the draw. The promotion will last until April 29th, so you have plenty of time to earn entries into this exciting promotion.

The player who is picked will receive an exciting trip for two to Hollywood. The prize will cover flights, accommodation and walk-on role in a movie. The total value of the prize is estimated at an impressive $20 000.

InterCasino is well-known for its online casino bonuses, and the gambling operator certainly does not disappoint with its new InterMovieStar promotion. It is easy to enter and easy to win; so, you should certainly take part!

IGT to Release American Idol Slots

New Zealand-based gaming developer IGT has announced the release of a new American Idol slots game for the Facebook social gaming platform. While the television show is primarily popular in the North American market, the ‘Idol’ brand has international appeal, making it a great starting point for IGT’s foray into social gaming.

The new American Idol slots game will feature contestants and winners from all 11 seasons of the show, as well as famed host Ryan Seacrest. It is a unique new approach to an online slots game, and it will be interesting how the game plays out.

IGT has released few other details about the game, aside from the fact that it will be a free-play title. Players will be able to win free chips as they play and can purchase additional chips for just $1.

While it may seem counter-productive for a profitable online slots developer to launch free-play games, social gaming is becoming a leading form of entertainment in the online world. The new Facebook game will expose IGT to new audience, allowing them to experience the high-quality gaming that the company has to offer.

IGT Sees Increase in Interactive Market

A recent report indicates that IGT has seen some significant financial increases over the course of the past few months. From the first quarter to the second quarter of 2012, the company has seen a 13% increase. The company attributes this increase to a rise in sales in the interactive gaming market, which includes mobile and online gaming.

While IGT was originally a land-based operator, popular in clubs across New Zealand, the company has worked hard to establish itself as a leader in the online gaming world. With the release of its Star Trek online slots game in 2011, the company became one of the top online gaming providers – and has been on an upswing ever since.

IGT is looking to expand its place in the online gaming market by getting involved in social gaming. The company has recently teamed up with Double Down Interactive, a popular Facebook games developer. Together, the two companies will create social gambling solutions that will appeal to Facebook users and those belonging to other social networks. Since social gaming is becoming one of the most profitable online entertainment markets, we can expect to see even more profit boosts for IGT in 2012.

PlayTech Creates New Progressive Jackpot Format

Everybody’s Progressive is a new progressive slots game from PlayTech, offering players a unique new way to win progressive jackpot prizes. This new game allows most players to take home a share of the progressive prize.

To qualify for the progressive prize, players must wager $50. If the jackpot is hit 24 hours within that period of time, all players who have wagered $50 will be able to take home a portion of the prize. The person who hit the jackpot receives 70% while the remaining players who qualify get 30%.

This game brings a new approach to progressive jackpot gaming in the online casino world. Online gamblers are always looking for something new when it comes to gaming format, and PlayTech certainly delivers.

It has been quite some time since PlayTech has released a new game, but Everybody’s Progressive is certainly worth the wait. This new game is likely to generate a great deal of attention from players across the online gaming universe.

You can find Everybody’s Progressive at a wide range of PlayTech-powered online casinos starting this month.

IGT Interested in Facebook Gaming

Social gaming is the best big thing in the online gambling market. More and more developers from around the world are launching their own Facebook game applications, allowing players to interact via their games while communicating through Facebook. Few online casino developers have ventured into this market, and IGT plans on being one of the first to do so.

In a recent report published by the Las Vegas Sun, IGT will be taking a departure from its real-money gambling operations and focusing on social gaming. While IGT has recently launched into the online gambling market, this will be the first time that the company has worked with play-money applications.

While it may not seem worthwhile at first, since the exchange of actual cash is not allowed, there are plenty more opportunities for IGT to have a profitable experience in the social gaming market. Firstly, advertising revenue can amount to millions over the course of a few years. It will also help to expose IGT to a new gambling audience in the Facebook market, offering a great form of promotion.

Is Full Tilt Preparing to Return?

It has been quite some time since Full Tilt Poker has made headlines, but the company is finally back in the public eye. A recent report claims that Full Tilt Poker has reapplied for its gambling license, a positive step forward for the infamous online poker operator.

The first sign that the company had started its re-launch plans came with an influx of job posting for Pocket Kings, the company that operators Full Tilt Poker. Several career listings for the company were posted earlier this week, leading players to believe that Full Tilt was readying itself for a return to the online gambling world.

Another sign is the fact that Orinic has applied for a new gambling license. While this may not seem like big news, the company is actually very closely related to Full Tilt, as Orinic previously had plans to launch Full Tilt Poker in the Swiss gambling market.

While it may just be wishful thinking, we have reason to believe that Full Tilt Poker is preparing to make a triumphant comeback to the world of online poker. Over the course of the past few months, other companies have failed to take its place has a high-quality online poker website – and many players eagerly await its return.

Wonderland Slots Mystify Online Casino Players

In this day and age, it takes a lot for an online slot machine to truly surprise and engage fans. The new Wonderland slots game from GameSys, however, accomplishes that goal easily. With several fun and engaging bonus rounds, Wonderland slots presents players with a completely unique online gambling experience that they will be hard-pressed to find with other casino games.

Wonderland actually plays more like an arcade game than it does an online slots game. While players spin the reels in order to win cash prizes, this part of the game simply takes a back seat to all of the other fantastic features available from Wonderland online slots.
What engages players the most about this game is its bonus round, each an arcade-style game based on a theme from Alice in Wonderland. Players take on the role of Alice as she plays croquet, paints white roses, has tea with the Mad Hatter and faces the Queen’s court. Each game presents players with generous prizes – and the potential to win a generous progressive jackpot!

So, it is little wonder why this game has received so much positive attention lately. We highly recommend Wonderland if you’re an avid online casino gamer.

Marvel-ous Slots Promotion at InterCasino

InterCasino is home to one of the largest selection of Marvel Superhero-themed online slots on the internet. The online casino carries just about every Marvel slots game that has been released, and the operator is taking advantage of that fact with a brand new slots promotion.

Marvel-ous March will allow patrons to take part in their favourite Marvel Superhero slots games while earning the change to win amazing bonus prizes. From additional cash bonuses to slots tournaments, every day in March is full of exciting and engaging events that Marvel slots fans can take part in.

In order to take part, players must deposit $25 and quote the bonus code STAN (for Stan Lee, X-Men comic creator). The code only lasts for one day, so players have to activate it each time they wish to take part in Marvel-ous March. We suggest having a look at the calendar and planning which days you would like to play.

The event runs all month, so there are plenty of chances to win amazing cash bonuses during Marvel-ous March at InterCasino.

Can Zynga Make It on Its Own?

It’s been coming for a long time now, but Zynga has finally made the leap. The social games developer has finally launched its own stand-alone website, no longer connected to the Facebook Games platform. The gaming world has some mixed feelings about this new development but Zynga is optimistic about the venture.

Zynga Direct would be a profitable business venture for the company. After all, Zynga is worth billions of dollars already and has millions of players on Facebook – but will those players migrate to the new Zynga Direct site? We’re fairly certain that the main reason people play social games on Facebook is that they are convenient, so wouldn’t logging into a new site to play the same games defeat the purpose?

The new website is currently being tested as a Beta. There are five games available: Castleville, Cityville, Zynga Poker, Hidden Chronicles and Words with Friends. As the site continues to see increased success, Zynga will continue to launch new games on the new platform.

It will provide great experience for Zynga, in preparation for the launch of the company’s online casino. The success of Zynga Direct could be a sign that Zynga is ready for the online gambling world. Seized by American Government

BoDog was one of the world’s most recognizable online sportsbetting brands. Owned by Calvin Ayre, the online betting site offered New Zealand punters the chance to wager on a wide range of sporting events, including football, rugby, tennis and basketball. Now, much to the dismay of punters from across the country,’s domain has been seized by the American government.

Ayre was brought up on charges of money laundering and running an illegal gambling operation. He has been indicted for the charges, but there is no word yet on how the authorities will proceed.

This is just one of the many unfortunate cases, Full Tilt Poker underwent the same treatment last year. The American government is working hard to shut down online gambling websites which operate in the country – but in the process, they are putting other nations at a disadvantage.

Now, players in New Zealand and all around the world will have to find an alternative to It will prove to be quite difficult, as BoDog seemed to be at the top of its game in the online sportsbetting market.