Reel Race Promotion on Now at Bet365

Bet365 online casino is well-known for offering players a wide range of fun and exciting online casino promotions. From tournaments to giveaways, there is always something going on at this popular online casino. Now, Bet365 is running its Reel Race, an online slots competition that offers generous prizes up to $750!

Reel Race takes place like any other online slots tournament. The player who earns the most comp points over the course of the tournament wins the grand prize. It is a great chance for players who are already avid slots players to cash in on their passion, while casual gamers are even eligible for prizes. There are over 200 prizes available, so plenty of players will cash in.

The promotion runs from midnight on the 21st until the end of the day; so, you have a full 24 hours to earn comp points. Be sure to opt-in to the promotion; otherwise, you won’t be entered. For every $10 you spend, you earn 1 comp point, so be sure to get as much playing in as possible.

Grand prize is $750 while second place is $525 and third is $450. Other prizes range from $25 to $300 with the last 100 players to place earning $20 each.

New Blaze Poker from Microgaming

Microgaming is normally in the spotlight for releasing new and innovative online slots games; however, the company has recently made headlines for its new Blaze Poker application, the company’s answer to PokerStars’ Zoom Poker. It presents players around the internet with an alternative to PokerStars’ website, which specializes in poker games and no other online casino games.

The concept of Zoom Poker is quite simple. Each time a player folds a hand, they are moved to a new table where they are immediately dealt a new hand. Whereas most online poker games allow players to get in 130 hands per hour, Blaze Poker offers players the chance to be dealt into 300 or more.

Initially, Blaze Poker will be launched at Ladbrokes online casino and it won’t be long before other online casino operators pick up the game as well. It presents casino players with a great alternative to playing at a poker-only site like Full Tilt or Poker Stars; so, we anticipate that Blaze Poker will be highly successful in the online casino world.

Online Gambling Becoming Increasingly Popular

While politicians across Australia and New Zealand are looking for ways to limit the harm done by land-based casino games, the online gambling market is popping up right under their noses. This market is something that they simply have not considered, but the impact of online casino games on the Australian and New Zealand gambling markets is going to be huge.

A recent study by Southern Cross University found that a large portion of the population have already been gambling online for years. Out of 6500 people surveyed, half of them admitted to having gambled online in the past six years. This means that residents are contributing to the growth of online gambling than any other form of gaming.

According to estimates, citizens could be spending upwards of $600 million on online gambling and online casino games every year. These statistics are likely to come as a huge surprise to the local government, which has spent the past decade trying to ban the activity.

Now that the Gillard government has turned its attention away from poker machine reform, it may be time to consider regulating online gambling. With so much money being pumped into the industry, the local government should think of ways to protect players and earn tax revenue.