New Zealand Gambling Spending Expected to Increase

In New Zealand, health experts are concerned that gambling spending will continue to increase over the course of the next few years. Despite politicians’ efforts to reduce the potential harms of gambling, experts believe that Kiwis will continue to spend more money on betting, pokies and the lottery.

The experts believe that lottery spending will increase by 8% from now until 2016. The expansion of the local lottery has encouraged more players to spend more money on tickets for draws as well as instant win games, and that trend will continue in the future. The offer of bigger and better jackpots worth multimillions will also ensure that lottery spending continues to rise.

Casino gambling is another major concern, with the team of researchers expecting spending to increase by 2.3% from now until 2016. There is an increasing number of gambling opportunities for players, especially with the news that SkyCity Auckland will be receiving 230 new poker machines as part of its convention centre deal. This will result in an increase of 8% on the number of pokies in New Zealand casinos, which is expected to lead to a rise in gambling spending as well as problem gambling rates.

Casino Patrons Make Slow Return to Christchurch

It has been ten months since the earthquake, and businesses across Christchurch are still have trouble returning to their form glory. It seems that a decline in tourism and more cost-effective attitudes among residents have contributed to lost profits for local businesses, and casinos are among the most negatively affected.

Christchurch Casino has seen some of the worst financial effects of the earthquake. After reopening in May, profits had dropped by 30%. Now, in December, profits are still 15% lower than they were during this time last year.

Job losses among local residents have likely contributed to the situation. Locals have less money to spend on leisure activities, so casino and gambling spending have dropped. Additionally, tourist numbers are much lower than they were in the previous year, and tourism dollars are very valuable to casinos.

The demolition of hotels around the casino has also have detrimental effects on the casino’s business. With no places stay close by, fewer people are taking the trip out to Christchurch to visit the casino.

The casino’s operators, however, are confident that things will return to normal soon. They believe that Christmas will bring in an influx of business before a full financial recovery is made.

NZ’s Problem Gambling Foundation Supports Harariwa’s Stance Against Pokies

Earlier this month, Hone Harariwa decided to speak out against poker machines. The Mana leader stated that the devices caused turmoil in low income areas across New Zealand and called for them to be removed. Recently, New Zealand’s Problem Gambling Foundation announced that they back Harawira’s initiative.

Harawira stated that many of the residents of low income areas would choose to remove poker machines from local venues if they had the chance. Given that problem gambling rates are much higher in areas affected by poverty, it seems like viable solution.

The New Zealand Problem Gambling Foundation released a statement this week announcing its support. As the availability of poker machines in low income residential areas is seen as a cause of problem gambling, the foundation sees this as a worthy cause to support.

It has only been a week since Harawira announced it stance on the issue of poker machines, but he has gained a great deal of support in this time. There is no word yet on whether or not the local government will grant his request, but the Problem Gambling Foundation is hopeful that something will be done to reduce the rates of problem gambling in low income areas across New Zealand .