Firm Predicts Lucrative Future For Mobile Betting Market

It has come as no surprise that the mobile gaming market has become a huge hit. From social games to gambling activities, smart phone and tablet computer users around the world are using the mobile devices every day to compete in some way. According to research firm Juniper Research, mobile gambling is the fastest growing form of mobile entertainment and sees a bright future ahead of it.

The mobile gambling market has seen impressive growth over the course of the past few years. Taking in $13 billion in wagers proves that the market has arrived, and shows no signs of disappearing anytime soon. In fact, most sportsbooks are now depending on at least half of their profits to be generated by the mobile market.

We saw the beginnings to this revolution in during the 2010 World Cup. There was a vast increase in live mobile betting, as spectators could wager on the games while at the local bar or pub. Fortunately, it wasn’t just a fad, and the market has continued to thrive.

The mobile betting market has seen so much success that Juniper Research anticipates that it will be worth $45 billion by the year 2017. The firm also anticipates that other forms of mobile gambling, including mobile poker and mobile casino games, will generate an additional $55 billion by that time.

Pokies Funding Must Change to Benefit Communities

When it comes to poker machine funding, it has been recommended that the New Zealand government revamp the whole system. The new Harm Reduction Bill seeks to change how funds are allocated, but some industry professionals believe that the whole system needs a makeover, so as to prevent favouritism in the market.

According to Francis Wevers, former head of the Community Gaming Association (CGA), the way poker machine funding is distributed is quite unfair. In fact, it seems that a wide range of individuals and pubs are using funds in ways that do not benefit the community.

“Stop it being funnelled into pub fishing trips, flatscreen TVs and expensive pub fit-outs,” he says.

Wever states that most pubs believe that they should do with their poker machine profits as they wish and have little regard for the community. Even though they are required by law to donate a portion of the funds, it does not often work out that way.

Some pubs are favoured when it comes to distributing funds, which allows them to use the funding for non-essential purposes. Charities and not-for-profit groups which benefit the community at large are the ones that truly need the money, and Wevers hopes that the new Harm Reduction Bill will make this a priority.

Last Week for Queen of Diamonds Promo At InterCasino

InterCasino is well-known around the online gambling for its generous promotions and bonuses. This month, the casino launched its Queen of Diamonds promotion which saw players racing around the world for cash prizes. Each week, the casino operator set up a new ‘leg’ of the race, corresponding with a different journey around the world. This week, players will set a course from Jamaica to the UK for their final chance to win big.

The prizes for this week’s promotion are quite generous. The first place winner gets a diamond of their choice worth $500 while second and third place win $300 and $150 respectively. All players who qualify in each leg of the race are entered into a draw for a $5000 cruise for vacation for two.

To enter into the promotion, simply enter the bonus code ‘QD4’ when you deposit $25 or more. Then, you accumulate ‘carats’ by playing one of the follow games: Dolphin King, Golden Jaguar and Quest of Kings. The players with the most carats win the top prizes for the week.

There is only one week left for the Queen of Diamonds promotion and Intercasino; so, be sure to check it out today.

New Blaze Poker from Microgaming

Microgaming is normally in the spotlight for releasing new and innovative online slots games; however, the company has recently made headlines for its new Blaze Poker application, the company’s answer to PokerStars’ Zoom Poker. It presents players around the internet with an alternative to PokerStars’ website, which specializes in poker games and no other online casino games.

The concept of Zoom Poker is quite simple. Each time a player folds a hand, they are moved to a new table where they are immediately dealt a new hand. Whereas most online poker games allow players to get in 130 hands per hour, Blaze Poker offers players the chance to be dealt into 300 or more.

Initially, Blaze Poker will be launched at Ladbrokes online casino and it won’t be long before other online casino operators pick up the game as well. It presents casino players with a great alternative to playing at a poker-only site like Full Tilt or Poker Stars; so, we anticipate that Blaze Poker will be highly successful in the online casino world.

Rumours Circulate About Removal of Lord of the Rings Slots

In the online casino world, Lord of the Rings online slots was one of the best games the market had seen in recent years. Designed by Microgaming, Lord of the Rings presented the online gambling market with a unique perspective on branded slots, using new technology to create an immersive online gaming experience.

Now, it seems that the game may not be around for much longer. Rumours are circulating which claim that Lord of the Rings online slots may be removed from Microgaming’s repertoire of games by the end of the month. With the recent success of the game, the news has come as a shock to the online gaming world.

As it stands, this is all hearsay, but internet forums are buzzing with the news. It seems that a few affiliates have been informed that the game will no longer be available at Microgaming-powered casinos. The information was leaked, and now internet gamblers are trying to get to the bottom of the issue.

While the removal of Lord of the Rings slots still remains to be seen, we will keep you updated with any developments with the story.

Zoom Poker Out of Beta

This week, Zoom Poker has come out of Beta mode. After successful testing and trials, PokerStars’ Zoom Poker is an official offering from the online poker giant. To mark the occasion, Stars has also released Zoom Poker as a mobile application.

During the beta testing period of Zoom Poker, over 300 million hands were dealt. Despite being in a trial mode, players flocked to the application, as it seemed to be a suitable replacement for Full Tilt Poker’s Rush Poker application. It seemed to have exceeded players’ expectations, as it offered up a wider range of games and stakes than Rush Poker.

If you don’t already know what Zoom Poker is, it is a face-paced online poker application. Players can fit in more hands as they are move to a new table every time they fold. It allows players to get in the volume when it comes to grinding it out in the online poker world – and is a fun way for beginners to learn the basics.

The mobile version of Zoom Poker is only available for Android devices from the .net, .com and PokerStars domains. There is no word yet on whether or not it will be released for; however, New Zealand and Australian players can still take part in Zoom poker on the downloadable suite of PokerStars.

Wonderland Slots Mystify Online Casino Players

In this day and age, it takes a lot for an online slot machine to truly surprise and engage fans. The new Wonderland slots game from GameSys, however, accomplishes that goal easily. With several fun and engaging bonus rounds, Wonderland slots presents players with a completely unique online gambling experience that they will be hard-pressed to find with other casino games.

Wonderland actually plays more like an arcade game than it does an online slots game. While players spin the reels in order to win cash prizes, this part of the game simply takes a back seat to all of the other fantastic features available from Wonderland online slots.
What engages players the most about this game is its bonus round, each an arcade-style game based on a theme from Alice in Wonderland. Players take on the role of Alice as she plays croquet, paints white roses, has tea with the Mad Hatter and faces the Queen’s court. Each game presents players with generous prizes – and the potential to win a generous progressive jackpot!

So, it is little wonder why this game has received so much positive attention lately. We highly recommend Wonderland if you’re an avid online casino gamer.

NZ Games Developer Wins Award

IGT is New Zealand’s leader in gaming development. The company has been in operation in the country for three decades, developing hundreds of slots and pokies for gaming venues across New Zealand. Having won plenty of awards in the past, IGT is well-known for provided great games, but has rarely been recognized for its business practices. Now, IGT has earned some accolade for how it runs its operations, after receiving an award and several nominations from the Manufacturing Executive Organization.

The company received an award under the Operational Excellence category, for its “Engineering and Manufacturing Cost Reduction Project”. This project aims to reduce the costs associated with produce expensive poker machines and slots. It has displayed the company’s dedication to forward-thinking business practices in an unpredictable economy, and the MEO is very impressed with the initiative.

IGT has also been nominated for 3 other awards from the MEO: High Achiever Award, the 2012 Manufacturer of the Year Award and the 2012 Project of the Year Award. All of these nominations highlight IGT’s excellence in the gaming development market. Over the years, the company has worked hard to establish an impressive reputation, and it seems that IGT has finally achieved that status.

New Tarzan and Jane Slots from Aristocrat

The online gambling market is full of amazing designers and developers. IGT has emerged as one of these incredible brands, providing players with a high-quality gambling experience based on the wide range of games it offers. The company is always releasing new and exciting titles, and IGT seems to be on a roll with its latest slots, titled Tarzan & Jane Forbidden Temple.

This new slots game is based on IGT’s original Tarzan Slot, King of the Jungle. It features some of the features you grew to love from the original while implementing some cool new aspects that a wide range of players will enjoy.

Firstly, there are two sets of reels available: one for Tarzan and one for Jane. Both reels can be triggered by placing just one wager of 50 coins. This also means that players do not have to wager on individual paylines, making it a multi-way game, so players can access all paylines with each spin. This makes the game even more exciting, as players pretty much double their chances of winning.

Players should also be well-aware that there are four progressive jackpots available. Aristocrat has not created many slots with multiple jackpots, but this is a great place to start. The highest jackpot resets at $100 000, so there are some very generous prizes to be won.

Aristocrat To Enter American Gambling Market

Aristocrat is one of the top providers of land-based and online gaming solutions in New Zealand. The company provides a wide range of slot machines for gaming websites and land-based gaming clubs, making it a leader in gaming manufacturing in the country. Aristocrat has already expanded into Asian and European gaming markets, but has now decided to expand its horizons even further.

The American online gambling market seems like the best next move for Aristocrat. Already manufacturing land-based games in the country seems to put it in the ideal position for applying for an American online gambling market. As such, the company has teamed up with a Las Vegas-based developer in order to get the ball rolling.

Aristocrat has partnered with Bally Technologies, a gaming developer that works with some of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas. Together, the two companies will create an online gambling offering that will appeal to a wide range of American players. It will also appeal to the American government, as they will be based in the country’s gambling capital and because each company already has a foothold in the land-based market.

Online gambling has yet to be legalized in the United States. So, in preparation for the event, the two companies will launch a play-money site. Once the activity is legalized, the partners will apply for a license and begin offering real-money online gambling.