Zynga Poker Revenue in the Billions

Zynga Poker is the most popular play-money online poker application for residents of New Zealand. Millions of users across the country and around the world log into the Facebook accounts every day just to play this particular game. Some players only have Facebook accounts just so that they can play on Zynga Poker.

So, it is no wonder that Zynga Poker is a profitable online game. What you may not be aware of, however, is the fact that the application brought in over $1 billion in revenue last year – $1.14 billion to be exact.

While Zynga Poker is a free-play casino game, the app generates a great deal of money through ad revenue. Players can also purchase chips when they run low on their play money funds. Together, these two sources of revenue have made Zynga the most profitable free-play casino game ever.

So, it is little surprise that Zynga would be considering entering the online gambling market. The company has expressed interested in working with online casino brands to introduce pay-to-play games in the online gambling world. Using Zynga Poker’s profitability as a guide, we believe that this venture would be a successful one.

Could Zynga Enter The Online Gambling Market?

Zynga, one of Facebook’s most popular social games developers, is rumoured to be thinking of entering the online gambling market. With the release of its first Casino branded game, the company seems well-positioned to open a new real-money online casino. A number of sources have confirmed that Zynga is considering the possibly.

The company already has an existing fan base in the online gaming world. Millions of players log on to Facebook to compete with their friend in a game of the ever-popular Zynga Poker. Through ad revenue and selling online coins and prize, the game has made a pretty profit, but Zynga wants more.

Zynga recently listed itself on the stock exchange, with poor results, and a real-money gambling website would help the company recover from not meeting its IPO expectations. As such, an online casino would bring in a great deal of revenue for the already profitable company.

Some sources have confirmed that Zynga is now looking for a partner, with which to explore the online gambling market. While the company has not made a public announcement yet, a spokesperson stated that online gambling is a market that Zynga is very interested in.

New Anniversary Bonuses Available from Spin Palace Online Casino

Spin Palace online casino is one of the most popular destinations for online gambling in New Zealand. And it is no wonder why – the online casino offers players incredible cash bonuses which they can take advantage of at any time. One of the casino’s newest offers awards players for truly being loyal, offering them a 100% match after being registered on the site for one year.

This certainly puts a new twist on the regular loyalty bonuses that you normally see from online casinos. Usually, players are required to play games in order to earn points that are redeemable for cash. This takes a different approach, simply awarding players for their time spent at Spin Palace, rather than how much money they have spent.

On the day of your one year anniversary, all you have to do is make a minimum deposit of $20, and you’ll be credited with a 100% match bonus!

100% match bonuses are quite rare in the online casino world, as most casinos only offer them as welcome bonuses. So you should certainly take advantage of this promotion if you are already a player at Spin Palace. If not, this should be encouragement enough to become one!

PlayTech Offers Discounted Shares In Order to Raise Funds

For popular online slots developer, PlayTech, expansion is the name of the game. Recently, the company has been expanding into a wide range of online gambling markets around the world but these numerous transactions have just not been enough. PlayTech hopes to raise over $150 million to fund additional joint ventures and acquisitions.

In order to raise this money, PlayTech has decided to offer 27.7 million shares at the discounted price of $3.35. Brickington Trading Company is currently considering underwriting the entire amount if all 27.7 million shares are not purchased.

While the idea sounds plausible, it has been criticized by industry analysts. According to market analyst Ivor Jones, the plan is an underhanded way of the company’s founder to increase his stake in the company.

Founder Teddy Sagi owns Brickington Trading Co, which ended up buying nearly $60 million worth of shares after additional investors bought $40 million. As a result, Sagi now has an additional 3% stake in the company. Should no investors have taken up the opportunity to buy the discounted shares, Sagi’s stake would have increased by 9%.

This new deal is expected to allow PlayTech to expand its online operations. The company is already one of the largest online gambling operators, and PlayTech could see even more business from around the world.