Charities Commission’s Gambling Stance Deemed Inappropriate

Currently, the New Zealand government is considering passing a law that would reduce the number of poker machines in certain areas. Many groups are opposed to the idea, and some have even taken action against the legislation – however, one organization has been reprimanded for its actions regarding potential gambling law.

The CEO of the Charities Commission sent out an email to various charities requesting that they adopt an anti-gambling reform stance. Since charities depend on poker machine revenue for funding, they would be the first to lose out if the law were passed. The Charities Commission does not want to see that happen and has attempted to launch a campaign against the proposed legislation. According to the Department of Internal Affairs, however, the email was deemed inappropriate, and the Charities Commission will have to retract the email.

“The Chief Executive and the Minister responsible for the Commission need to step up to the plate and admit that this circulation of material is totally inappropriate”, says Ruth Dyson of the Department of Internal Affairs.

While charities are likely to lose out on funding, the Charities Commission is meant to be an independent entity. It is also wrong for the organization to adopt a pro-gambling stance for its own personal, financial gain.