$26 Million Winner Will Stay A Grocery Store Clerk

When someone wins a million-dollar jackpot prize, one of their first announcements is that they will quit their day job – but that is not the case for the most recent Powerball winner. 34-year-old Trevor from Waikato is a grocery store clerk, and he plans on staying in his position despite winning a $26 million lottery jackpot.

Trevor is this week’s winner of the Powerball jackpot, which has been climbing over the course of the past few weeks. As such, it is one of the biggest jackpots that the NZ Lottery has ever paid out. Despite winning this record-breaking lottery jackpot, Trevor does not want to make any changes to his current career.

“Everything will go on the way it is,” says Trevor. “It’s just a lot easier.”

He stated that he has recently completely a management course for his job. So, he is more interested in working towards a promotion at work rather than quitting his job completely. He has made a few small plans for his money, however; they include purchasing a new car and home as well as getting involved in motor sports.

Five Auckland Players Take Home Lotto Prize

It is a fine day in Auckland today, as five lucky winners from the city have struck the huge jackpot offered by the NZ Lotto. What you would normally think is that all five players bought into a lottery pool; however, that’s not the case – each player has won a separate prize!

Two players in the City of Sails won $500 000 from the Lotto First Division while two Strike Four winners won $750 000. The final winner was a student from Auckland who took home to $1 million grand prize from the Winning Wheel.

Daniel is the first million-dollar winner for 2012, and still can’t believe he’s won the prize. He is a student from China, who has been studying English in Auckland for the past three years. He is into video games and soccer, and wants to study to become an electricians. He plans on using some of his winnings for his schooling.

There are even bigger prizes up for grabs next week, as the Lotto Powerball Jackpot will be up to $14 million. We anticipate there will be some very lucky wins for this draw, as players from across the vie for the chance to claim this impressive cash prize.