Sony Competes in Mobile Gaming Market

Sony has recently announced that its latest handheld console will support Skype. The company has been working with Skype over the course of the past few months to launch an application that will be available on PlayStation’s new PS Vita device. While smartphones and tablet computers currently rule the mobile gaming world, this new development is expected to put Sony back in the running.

The new Skype application will take advantage of the PS Vita’s dual camera capability; so, players will be able to make video and voice calls. The application will also run in the background, so players can accept calls while they are playing games.

These features work together to help make the PS Vita a contender in the mobile gambling market. Currently, smartphones and tablet computers like the iPhone and iPad rule the market, as they offer users the ability to play high-quality games, browse the internet and make phone calls.

Now, the PS Vita will support all of the same capabilities. This is expected to start a new trend in the handheld gaming industry. Rumours currently claim that XBOX is also in talks with Skype to offer a similar application; so, it may not be long before mobile communication is a staple in the handheld console market.