Queensland Casino Introduces Pre-Commitment

The Treasury Casino will become the third gambling venue in Queensland to introduce voluntary pre-commitment, according to Echo Entertainment. This will bring the total percentage of poker machines in the country equipped with the software up to 18%, and the casino operator believes that it certainly helps with reducing problem gambling rates.

The machines will be installed with software that will allow them to set a limit on how much they can spend during their session. Once that money is spent, they are barred from playing for the rest of the night.

This seems to be a great initiative, allowing players to prevent themselves from developing unhealthy gambling habits. However, anti-gambling advocate Nick Xenophon is not impressed with the plan. He believes that in order for pre-commitment to work, it must be mandatory; otherwise, those that need help the most are not receiving assistance with managing their gambling addictions.

However, a recent study has shown that many problem gamblers are aware they have issues but refuse to seek help out of pride. With voluntary pre-commitment, these individuals can work towards developing healthy habits without publically admitting they have a problem – making it a very attractive option.