Queenstown Casino Missed Out On Rugby Cup Revenue

The World Rugby Cup, hosted last year in New Zealand, brought a great deal of tourism dollars into the economy. Hotels, entertainment venues and casinos all saw a boost in revenue – except for Sky City Queenstown, which seems to have missed out.

Across the country, Sky City Casinos raked in over $30 million as a result of the tourism brought in by the Rugby World Cup. Sky City Queenstown, however, was not as fortunate. Casino goers seemed to avoid the area, leaving Queenstown out of the gambling free-for-all.

Queenstown seemed to see the largest influx of players during Chinese New Years’ early on in 2012. Asian gamblers set upon the Sky City Casino, bringing with them valuable gambling revenue. However, the activity failed to make up for the lack of profits earned during the Rugby World Cup.

However, Sky City Queenstown could stand to be much worse off. Christchurch Casino has yet to recover from the recent earthquake that hit the area, and it does not seem like the gambling venue will be bringing in casino dollars any time soon.